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Ultra Pro Wrestling Aims To Be The Ultimate Sandbox Video Game

The sandbox approach that Hyperfocus Games is taking with Ultra Pro Wrestling will only be limited by your imagination.

Sam Vallely of Hyperfocus Games sat down with WrestleZone this week to discuss the upcoming Ultra Pro Wrestling video game and how it plans to be the spiritual successor to WWF No Mercy.

The interview covers plenty of topics, including gameplay, the creation suite, career mode, online, and so much more.

While the game has already been funded, there are very important stretch goals that must be reached in order to get the most robust game possible.

The following features have already been locked in:

  • Core Gameplay Mechanics
  • Core AI Mechanics
  • Basic Match Type – 400 Basic Animations
  • Full Gameplay Mechanics
  • Create-A-Wrestler System
  • Advanced AI Mechanics
  • 600 Advanced Animations
  • Create-A-Promotion System
  • Advanced Create-A-Wrester
  • Weapons System
  • 300 Taunt Animations
  • Wrestler Entrances

These are the remaining features that still need to be funded:

  • Online Mode
  • Create-A-PPV
  • Referee Mechanics
  • Special Match Types
  • Backstage Areas
  • Career Mode
  • Texture Edit System
  • Custom Music Editor
  • Online Ranking System

There are just seven days left to back this game on Kickstarter. Support the game early and get in-game benefits. There are also tiers where your support will get you your own copy of the game on either Steam or your favorite console.

A Steam demo for Ultra Pro Wrestling will be available later this year, while the full game is projected to be released in 2024.

Watch the full interview with Sam Vallely below:

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Are you excited about finally getting a spiritual successor to WWE No Mercy? What features would you like to see included in this game? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.