Kamille On La Rosa Negra: She Is A Warrior, She’s A Fighter

Kamille extends some kind words towards her upcoming opponent.

“The Brickhouse” Kamille gears up to defend her NWA Women’s Championship on April 6 against a woman she has known since the beginning of her career. Yet, the two have never touched, until now.

After cashing in her Champions Series title opportunity, La Rosa Negra looks to dethrone Kamille at NWA’s 312 pay-per-view and become the new champion. Kamille, on the other hand, appears poised to retain.

Ahead of their title match, Kamille spoke with WrestleZone’s Ella Jay about her thoughts heading into the PPV.

“I am very excited to get in there. It’ll be a first-time matchup. We’ve never, not even in a tag or anything, we’ve never touched in the ring,” Kamille said. “And it’s something that’s really exciting for me just because if anybody saw the promo that came out from our Powerrr episode. Yeah, I’ve known LaRosa since I was doing my training down in Florida, however many years ago that was.”

“I remember just knowing that she was someone that’s been all over the world and so respected in so many things. I was just new and looking up to everybody in the locker room. It’s just funny because now, like I said, like the tables have turned and I have what she wants which is ‘The Burke’ and I know it’s going to be a hell of a fight. She is a warrior, she’s a fighter. I just have to go in there ready for a fight. Ready to go as long as long as need be. Get my cardio up. But I do think at the end of the night, it’s going to be ‘and still your champion.'”

Kamille continued on, recalling the first time she met La Rosa Negra. “I want to say, could be wrong, but I want to say it was like a SHINE [Wrestling] show down in Tampa. I think it was called the Orpheum, that was when they used to do their SHINE shows there. We were all just in the girls locker room, and I just had a little, a dark match on that show. I wasn’t even on the main [card], but just being able to watch her in the ring and her confidence and also how she treated other people.”

“She’s just a nice human being and knowing that she’s done so much in the business, she still didn’t talk down to people or, have her nose up at people. So that was something that I think that’s the thing that I admire most about any human being in the world is not just their skill in the wrestling ring, but how they are as a human being and how they treat others.”

Despite her obvious respect for La Rosa Negra, Kamille is intent on maintaining her championship.

NWA 312 takes place on Friday, April 7 and it airs on FITE. Watch our full interview with Kamille below: