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Photo Credit: WWE

Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn Hope NXT Europe Is A Launching Pad For More Talent

Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn hope that NXT Europe gives talent the same sort of opportunities that they got.

WrestleZone recently spoke with Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn about the pending launch of NXT Europe. Both Alba (aka Kay Lee Ray) and Isla Dawn both came from NXT UK and they believe the new version of WWE’s international brand will have a similar effect on future talent.

Alba Fyre: “[NXT UK] was such a stepping point for us. I don’t want to say it was like a stepping stone as if it didn’t matter, because it did. It was a launching pad, and we put everything into that to try and make it as good as possible. I just hope the next people to go and do it are going to do the same.”

Isla Dawn: “I hope we get some returns as well. NXT UK, a lot of really talented people sadly got released, and I hope they get the opportunity because they are great at what they do. They deserve a platform. So hopefully we get a few returns.”

Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn are the current NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions, winning the titles at NXT Stand & Deliver.

NXT Europe was first announced in August 2022. Shawn Michaels recently told Daily Mail that plans for the brand are “still in the organizational stage” but WWE is hopeful that NXT Europe is running by the end of 2023.

“I’m really learning. It isn’t something you just throw together, especially if you want to set it up for success. I think everyone would feel a bit more comfortable if it takes a little bit longer to make sure we cross every t and dot every i,” Michaels explained, “but still looking forward to trying to make that a reality by the end of 2023.”