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Janai Kai Recalls Standout Performances Against Jungle Kyona & Queen Aminata

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WrestleZone’s Ella Jay recently spoke with “The Kick Demon” Janai Kai, who recalled some of her proudest performances from the past year. Amidst discussion, Kai pointed out three matches in particular.

“There’s a couple of them definitely,” she said. “So, me versus Jungle Kyona [at] Garden State. That was definitely one because I believe that was the first time I was wrestling a Joshi one on one. So, that was a time where I was really trying to prove to myself that I can hang with them, basically. That was a fun match. I’m very proud of how that match became. I appreciate Kyona too, she’s wonderful. I’ve met up with her in Japan as well when I went over there.”

“That match and then my match against Queen Aminata at Women’s Wrestling Army for sure, because me and her kind of have this vibe in a sense. I know we live different lives a little bit, but we still can relate to each other. I think it’s more of like a passion thing, a motivation thing. We both have the same mentality when it comes to that, and we were able to put that together in the ring. So, I really, really love that match too.”

As Janai Kai continued rocking the independent scene in the United States, she had aspirations to travel abroad, specifically to Japan. And in February 2023, she received the opportunity to do so, wrestling a pair of matches for Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling (TJPW). Between her two matches out there, Kai’s contest with Miu Watanabe over the International Princess Championship appears to stand out the most.

“That was another moment where it was like a confirmation moment to me where I was like, ‘Yeah, this is where I want to be,'” she said.

Check out some free-to-watch full-length matches from Janai Kai’s career below, including her aforementioned bouts with Jungle Kyona and Queen Aminata.

Janai Kai vs. Jada Stone — Ladies Night Out “Triple Shot”, February 24, 2023

Janai Kai vs. Jungle Kyona — Garden State Pro Wrestling “Dynasty Clash”, September 16, 2022

Janai Kai vs. Queen Aminata — Women’s Wrestling Army “Queen vs Demon”, July 9, 2022

Janai Kai vs. Thunder Rosa — Mission Pro Wrestling “Play Hard, Hustle Harder”, July 31, 2021

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