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Pressure Creates Diamonds: Roxanne Perez Has Adapted Well In WWE

Roxanne Perez is thriving under pressure.

WrestleZone recently spoke with Roxanne Perez, who reflected on her run in WWE so far.

“It’s really cool. This is a dream of mine. This whole experience of being with WWE has been a dream of mine but being part of WrestleMania week and going into Stand & Deliver as NXT Women’s Champion is insane to me. I’m so excited because I’ve never been in a ladder match but I’ve always wanted to be. It’s exciting. I’m so grateful to be here.”

Asked if she could pinpoint her biggest learning experience so far, Roxanne said it’s about learning to adapt on the fly.

“I think the fact that everything is so fast-paced here, things can change within a minute, literally. So that has definitely been [something that] I’ve had to adapt to but it’s cool. I feel like pressure creates diamonds, so I feel like that’s what it’s done for me. But just adjusting to that — you could [be told] ‘you’re going to have a promo and you’ve got to go do it right now. You don’t have time [to go over it], you’ve got to go out there right now.’ [laughs] But I haven’t learned my lines yet!”

Maria Kanellis-Bennett, Booker T and Shawn Michaels are just a few of the many names that have praised Roxanne Perez’s work. Asked if there’s anyone else she’s gravitated towards in her journey, she said there’s been plenty of people who helped her get to where she is now.

“There’s so many people that have helped me along the way. I feel like a lot of the people that I came up with are definitely a rock for me being here. My first two trainers, George Benavides and Johnny Angel, they’re the ones that were like ‘Yeah we’ll train you, 13-year-old little scrawny girl. We see something in you.’ I’m so grateful for that,” she explained.

“Kiefer Bartek, the promoter for New Texas Pro Wrestling, he’s always been awesome and been there for me. My boyfriend, Gino Medina, he’s amazing and he’s been my rock this whole process. He got me ready for my [WWE] tryout,” Perez added. “There’s been so many people along the way that have helped me and I’m grateful.”

Roxanne Perez will face off with Zoey Stark in singles action on the April 18 episode of NXT.