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The Miz Doesn’t Get Enough Credit, Shocked The World At WrestleMania 27

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WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard recently spoke with The Miz, who reflected on his WrestleMania in-ring highlights.

“Wrestlemania, I love the triple threat that Seth [Rollins], Finn [Balor] and myself did in New Orleans. I thought that was awesome,” Miz said.

“Anytime you can main event WrestleMania — granted, the Internet Wrestling Community doesn’t really give me the clout or the [credit] of what that match was and what we had to go through to get to it. And so at WrestleMania 27, I love that match. I still love it to this day,” he said. “When I hit Alex Riley with a briefcase and Cena hit me with his AA, no one saw me kicking out, no one. No one saw me winning that match ever.

“If you were to put a bet at WrestleMania 27 that I was going to win that match, you would have said ‘not a chance.’ And I did, it’s crazy,” Miz said. “I always put that one up there.”

The Miz also reflected on some of the “lighter” highlights at WrestleMania, including his own dad becoming a meme.

“I love the one I did with Shane McMahon at MetLife because it was something that my dad, my family got involved [with]. My dad became a meme. And then also the finish,” Miz noted, “people would not even call me like an extreme person, but that match, if you watch it, it’s pretty extreme. And the things that we did were like, ‘Whoa, okay, here we go.’ So, there’s new things that happen there, but they’re all my babies.”

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