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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Shawn Spears Pitched An Idea For Forbidden Door 2, Wants A Spot On AEW Canada Tour

Shawn Spears is hopeful to have a chance to perform in front of his fellow Canadians on AEW’s upcoming summer tour.

WrestleZone’s Bill Pritchard recently spoke with Shawn Spears about All Elite Wrestling’s upcoming tour of Canada. AEW has six confirmed events in Canada this summer, including the Forbidden Door 2 pay-per-view in Toronto. Spears says the tour has been a long time coming and he believes it’d be silly not to put AEW’s Canadian wrestlers on those match cards.

“AEW has wanted to hit Canada for a very long time. They’ve just been sorting out the logistics that, you know, all those details are far above my pay grade,” Spears said. “But Canada has been in the works for a long time. I think even Tony Khan has said himself once or twice, ‘Canada, we’re coming. We’re gonna get there, I’m working on it.’ And true to his word, he has.

“For me personally, and I can’t speak for them, but guys like Jericho, Omega, we have a lot of Canadians that are now on the AEW roster. I’m kind of looking at it personally as a full-circle-type thing. I think it’s a wonderful opportunity financially for the company,” Spears noted. “Selfishly, I better be on this tour. It’d be ridiculous not to have any of [AEW’s] Canadians on it.”

The last AEW event in Toronto marked was also the company’s debut in the country, and it was a special night for Spears as well. He then noted that Canadians are very welcoming before joking that he wouldn’t be one if he’s left off of the shows.

“I even sent out an idea today for a Forbidden Door 2, you know, it’s a special kick-off. Forbidden Door’s massive, and Toronto’s always been more than gracious, more than welcoming to me. Like you mentioned, last October, a very vulnerable, personal, but very public moment for me there. And I’m being biased, but the Canadians, you can almost feel the acceptance and comfort coming from an audience like that,” he explained.

“I have no doubt that with all of the shows — and I think we’re hitting the [Canadian Prairies] and almost everything out to the west coast, which is fantastic. I hope to be on those shows, I look forward to being on those shows. If not, you’re gonna hear [stories], ‘Shawn Spears got in trouble backstage for yelling at the fact that he wasn’t on Canadian shows and threw a bag down the hall and kicked a door.’ So if I’m not on those shows, they’re going to have yank me out of there kicking and screaming.”

Pritchard joked that there might be a chair involved in that tirade, and Spears laughed and said “There’s going to be multiple chairs involved if that’s the case.”

Tickets for All Elite Wrestling’s tour of Canada are available now. Watch our full interview with Shawn Spears below: