MVP: The Hurt Business’ Organic Connection Is A Career Highlight

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WrestleZone recently spoke with MVP, who was asked to highlight a match that highlights his skills as an in-ring performer and manager. MVP spoke highly of the bond The Hurt Business had together and said the relationship itself was a career highlight.

“The Hurt Business obviously is very, very special because Shelton Benjamin is a true friend of mine. We’ve been friends. We live less than five minutes from each other. Bobby Lashley is the same. The three of us have been friends across different companies, across different countries for well over a decade. So, our relationship is organic. Cedric Alexander had a relationship with Shelton from their time in Ring of Honor together. So, when Shelton said, ‘I vouch for this guy,’ that’s all I needed to hear. Then Cedric and I developed a wonderful relationship.

“The organic nature of The Hurt Business, the real friendship and all of us being able to come together and achieve championships. Bobby being the WWE champion, Shelton and Cedric being the tag champions and me kind of being the coach, bringing that all together. It’s one of the highlights of my career for certain.”

MVP was synonymous with the WWE United States Championship during his in-ring tenure, so it was fitting that he chose a match involving that very title as an in-ring highlight.

“A match that would define who I was as an in-ring competitor would be my very first time challenging for the United States championship at my first WrestleMania. I think that match [challenging Chris Benoit at WrestleMania 23] actively illustrates peak MVP.”

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