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Hyan Looks For Validation At ‘Queen of the Indies’, Mylo Has It In The Bag

Who will claim the throne?

West Coast Pro Wrestling & Pro Wrestling Revolution will crown the first-ever Queen of the Indies as they collaborate to host an exciting event this weekend. The event will feature an eight-woman tournament to determine the first holder of the Queen of the Indies title. Non-tournament talent will compete in some enthralling tag team contests.

On Saturday, May 13, women from the United States, Mexico, and Japan will make their way to San Francisco, California as they lead the global showcase. Queen of the Indies has booked several top independent wrestling stars and one signed talent from IMPACT Wrestling — Masha Slamovich. “The Russian Dynamite” will meet “The Renaissance Woman” Hyan in the first round of the tournament.

Before she heads to the west coast, Hyan spoke with WrestleZone‘s Ella Jay about her upcoming battle with Slamovich, which happens to only be their second match against each other. “I think I’m kind of going into this situation as the underdog, right?” Hyan said. “She is the West Coast Women’s Champion. And I’m aware of what her resume is. She’s a very strong competitor. She hits really hard. So, I’m bringing my A-game. I’m studying my opponent, and I’m looking to have probably the biggest upset of the entire tournament.”

Though she might feel like the underdog, Hyan has accumulated an impressive resume herself. In her nine-year career, Hyan has appeared in major promotions such as WWE, AEW, and IMPACT Wrestling. She’s also become the arguable face of Texas, where she currently holds four championships. Last year, Hyan conquered the Sherri Martel Classic at Reality of Wrestling, but with an all-encompassing title like “Queen of the Indies,” the stakes are even higher.

“I think it will validate what I already feel about myself [if I won],” Hyan said. “I have a lot of confidence in myself and I believe in myself a lot, almost to a delusional standpoint. But I feel like it would validate all those feelings that I have for myself and how my peers and my friends see me. Not that what other people think matters, but it’s always nice to have that recognition of you are at the top of your game. It’s the Queen of the Indies and it’s not an American-focused tournament. There are other competitors from different countries. So, winning that tournament speaks more because of the level of talent and where the talent comes from. It’s incredible.”

Here are the official opening round matchups of the “Queen of the Indies”:

  • Queen Of Indies 2023 First Round Match: Lady Frost vs. Dulce Tormenta
  • Queen Of Indies 2023 First Round Match: Hyan vs. Masha Slamovich
  • Queen Of Indies 2023 First Round Match: Unagi Sayaka vs. Billie Starkz
  • Queen Of Indies 2023 First Round Match: Maria vs. Mio Momono

Mylo Gears Up For Tag Team Action

Outside of the tournament, several women will be in tag team action at the event. A trios bout will see Japanese legend Chigusa Nagayo partner with Sandra Moone and Takumi Iroha to take on the team of Karisma, Lady Apache, and Nicole Savoy. Savoy, of course, will be making her official in-ring return after retiring from wrestling last year.

The card will feature one other tag team contest, as “Mac Daddy” Mylo and Rachelle Riveter square off against Brooke Havok and Johnnie Robbie. Ahead of their tag team match, Mylo also spoke with Ella Jay for WrestleZone, noting that it was her first time ever teaming with Riveter.

“Usually we face each other in [Las] Vegas, but this time, I think it’s a good duo. We got M.O.M [and] the Mac Daddy — Mom and Dad. It’s going to be great. I can already sense it. We got this in the bag,” she said.

“I think all that [fans] can expect is just fire emojis. This is 100% going to be a banger of a match. Great talent all across the board. Um, I’m really grateful to be a part of something with an all- women’s show. It feels amazing and I’m so grateful. I think it’s going to be an amazing match going into it. I’ve worked with every single one of those ladies already, so I already know what to expect. Like I said, I think me and Rachelle got this in the bag.”

When asked who she thinks may take home the crown in this Queen of the Indies tournament, Mylo put her money on “The Russian Dynamite.”

“I’m thinking, Masha Slamovich, that’s a hot one. There’s Billie Starkz, that’s another hot one, [but] I’m going to go with my girl, Masha. She’s been killing it. She’s such a sweet girl, too. She deserves every bit of greatness coming to her.”

Check out the full interview with Hyan below. Our full interview with Mylo will be available to watch as part of our weekly Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up feature next Tuesday.

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