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Kayla Kassidy Reflects On Her Experience As An Undead Bridesmaid For Su Yung

Kayla Kassidy reflects on an exciting opportunity she had at IMPACT Wrestling.

Just 4 years into her professional wrestling career, Kayla Kassidy has already racked up some notable appearances in companies such as NWA, MLW, and IMPACT Wrestling. In 2020, Kassidy received a call from the undead realm, so as a huge horror fanatic, she answered.

During a recent interview with WrestleZone‘s own Ella Jay, Kassidy dove deeper into her experience at IMPACT Wrestling. There, she suited up to channel her inner undead bridesmaid for former Knockouts Champion Su Yung.

“I got called down. They wanted to see if I would be willing to be a dead bridesmaid for Su Young. And so I was like, ‘Yeah, I love Su Yung.’ Of course, it’s an opportunity, so, it was really fun. mean, I didn’t get to wrestle or anything like that, but I got that opportunity to show [my] face and at least do a little something. So, that was really cool. And that was my very first-time meeting Su. Then now, I love Su, and now me and her have been together before. We worked in a triple threat together and I’m waiting to have a singles match with her, but it’ll happen,” Kassidy said.

While Kassidy continues to manifest a singles match with Yung, she was asked which match of hers she’s the proudest of. For Kassidy, her recent MidwestTerritory.com Pawcade 4 match against Gary Jay stands out.

“It’s actually my very last match that I had a little over a month ago against Gary Jay,” she said. “Gary has actually helped me a lot because he knows that I struggle with things. He had this talk with me so many times and I look up to Gary as like one of my mentors. So, I wanted this match more than anything, honestly. I mean, I feel like it wasn’t a crazy match, but I feel like he just brought something. I don’t know, but it was by far my favorite match I’ve had in the last four years.”

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