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Charli Evans Discusses Origins Of The ‘Violence Artist’ Nickname, Getting Glass Broken Into Her Mouth

Charli Evans takes pride in the “Violence Artist” nickname.

At just the age of 26, Charli Evans remains one of the most traveled and fearless competitors in the entire wrestling world. During her 9-year career, Evans has ventured into the scenes of Australia (her home country), Japan, the United States, and the United Kingdom. As she continues to evolve, Evans recently adopted a new nickname — the “Violence Artist.”

To many fans, this moniker fit Evans quite naturally, as her resume reflects a deep history of death and hardcore matches, which have an inherent affiliation with violence. Professional wrestling itself is also widely considered to be a performance art. Speaking with WrestleZone’s own Ella Jay, Evans further explained the origin story of her nickname.

“Honestly, I just thought it sounded cool,” she said. “Around the time when I started going as that, I was like, ‘I’m creating like a body of work and both my parents are artists. I’m very artistic.’ So, if I could bring that into wrestling, and just, ‘Violence Artist’ sounded cool.”

Evans continued on to discuss her parents’ background in art. “So, my mom is a scrapbooker. She did scrap-booking for a very long time and has more moved into art journaling and mixed media art. And she has, honestly, I think more followers than me on Instagram. So, you can check her out if you want, Scrap Witch, she’s on there. I share her all the time. She’s so good.”

“And then my dad used to be a signwriter when he was younger. Then he also makes things from old, recycled skateboards. Go and follow him as well. They’re sitting in my [house], I can literally get some, but they’re amazing. They’re like hundreds of different skateboards layered together to make things, so, they rock.”

In evaluating the “violence” aspect of her moniker, Evans revealed the wildest thing she did in a wrestling ring. “Obviously, I feel like the death matches are [violent]. Getting glass broken in your mouth is pretty crazy. That’s scary,” she said. “[It was] a light tube. I’ve had it done twice to me by Rickey Shane Page and Cole Radrick, and they put the tube in your mouth and they snap it.”

“I can’t think of anything worse than chomping down on some glass because it would just suck.”

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