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Missa Kate And Madi Wrenkowski Clicked Off The Bat, Teaming Up Was Meant To Be

Missa Kate details the evolution of M95.

Before arriving in the National Wrestling Alliance, Missa Kate and Madi Wrenkowski were virtual strangers to one another. Over time, though, they forged a close bond that eventually made its way on-screen. In February, the duo decided to elevate their partnership to the next level and cash in Wrenkowski’s Champion Series title shot. Wrenkowski and Kate then dethroned Pretty Empowered 2.0 (Ella Envy & Roxy) to become the new NWA Women’s Tag Team Champions. Four months later, Kate and Wrenkowski are still running strong with the titles.

Speaking with WrestleZone’s Ella Jay, Missa Kate discussed the evolution of her friendship with Madi Wrenkowski. Together, they are known as M95.

“So, she pointed out to me too, which I didn’t even realize, that weekend [in 2021] that I was first at NWA, was her first experience also. So, I’m like, ‘Oh, see, everything’s like meant to happen for a reason.’ Kind of right off the bat because her and I were the new kids on the block, we kind of started a little bit of a friendship. And then over time, when we kept getting called back, we kind of just stuck together. She’ll say it a lot too, we’re both very rough around the edges. I have no filter where she has one a little bit more included in her anatomy,” Kate said.

“I just think overall, her and I clicked because of that, and we know what you see is what you get sort of thing. We’re not really going to BS each other. And there’s one weekend specifically I was making a joke — her, myself and KiLynn [King] were like three amigos, just kind of like hanging out, but KiLynn was doing her thing and trying to get the [women’s] title from Kamille. So, there’s a lot of Madi and I hanging out. There was a time when her and I went to the ring like before the show, just kind of like rolling around and stuff. And I kept making jokes. I was like, ‘We’re going to be a tag team one day.’ And she’s like, ‘Yeah,’ just kind of like, ‘Yeah, sure, yeah, whatever.'”

“She wasn’t opposed to it, but she was just like, ‘All right.’ I kept saying it, and then it was really funny, one day that same weekend, I remember I came out of the bathroom, because we were getting ready to go. [We were] literally wearing pretty much the same outfit. I’m like, if this is not a sign, [I don’t know what is]. Then sure enough, before you know it, they’re [putting us together as a team] and here we are. So that’s my long, short story.”

Missa Kate was then asked if there were any mannerisms that she’s adopted through bonding with Wrenkowski. “I don’t think I’m going to make better facial expressions than her. I’m working on it, Kate said.

“Her and I always say we complement each other well [though]. I’m more of the ground and pound, technical [wrestler]. I can still be a goofball, but she’s more of the character character. And I think through that, we’re evening each other out. Then just, you know how it goes. You’re in a hotel room, you’re talking, spitting game, all that fun stuff. I guess that’s where we’re teaching each other certain things.”

As Missa Kate and Madi Wrenkowski continue carving their legacy in NWA’s women’s tag team division, they are scheduled to defend their titles this weekend. On Saturday, July 8, M95 will put their NWA Women’s Tag Team Championships on the line against Kenzie Paige and Kylie Alexa.

This title match will be included in NWA’s HP Cares For Cooper charity show. Proceeds and donations from this event will directly benefit Cooper Roberts, the youngest victim of the 2022 parade shooting in Highland Park.

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