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Lio Rush: See Why People Can’t Stop Talking, What The Hype Is All About At Slammiversary

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WrestleZone recently spoke with Lio Rush, who was asked to share some of the matches he believes best reflect him as a performer. Rush has a lengthy resume already but he opted to look toward the future this time.

More specifically, Rush recommends that fans keep a close eye on his upcoming matchup at IMPACT Slammiversary. There, Rush will challenge Chris Sabin for the X-Division Championship.

“I would tell people to watch Slammiversary because this match is a lot more important than people might think,” Rush said. “If you look at it as just the graphic alone, yes, it’s an amazing match. You’ve got to think about the history between me and [Chris] Sabin, the real history between me and Sabin. You’ve got to think about what we’ve done in our individual careers.

“Think about the people and the wrestlers that we’ve influenced in our times and eras of wrestling. This is the X-Division match. This is the match. So, if you want to see what Lio Rush is all about, what the hype is all about, why people can’t stop talking about me, why I continue to not go anywhere, watch Slammiversary and watch me become the new X-Division Champion.”

IMPACT Slammiversary airs this Saturday, July 15 on FITE TV.

Check out some full-length matches from Lio Rush’s career below:

Adam Cole vs Lio Rush: ROH Road to Best in the World – June 5, 2016

Lio Rush vs Punishment Martinez – ROH Top Prospect Tournament 2016 Semi-Final

Lio Rush vs. Laredo Kid – AAA World Cruiserweight Title vs MLW Middleweight Title: MLW Fusion – February 2021

John Silver vs Lio Rush: VXS Wrestling – March 6, 2017

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