Sadie Gibbs
Photo Credit: AEW

Sadie Gibbs Reveals Long-Term & Short-Term Plans For Her In-Ring Return

Sadie Gibbs reveals some of the upcoming plans regarding her in-ring return.

Two years after announcing her retirement, Sadie Gibbs confirmed that she would soon be returning to professional wrestling. On the heels of this exciting announcement, Gibbs told WrestleZone’s Ella Jay that she already has a match lined up for November and is aiming to officially be back in the ring by October at the latest. With Gibbs’ in-ring return inching closer, Gibbs also shared some of the long and short-term goals she hopes to accomplish.

Short-term wise, Sadie Gibbs is looking forward to reacquainting herself with the Joshi wrestling scene. While the exact destination for Gibbs’ overseas travels has yet to be announced, Gibbs did confirm that it would not be STARDOM. “I’ve been in touch with a promotion in Japan. I’m not going to name [it], but it’s not STARDOM,” Gibbs told WrestleZone. “Just my experience and professionalism, that’s my only opinion. But I still love the Joshi style wrestling and strong style. And for me, in that ring out there, that was where I really felt like I was flying, literally. So, I would love to get back to Japan. That’s a short-term slash long-term goal and [I want to] just really do that intensely.”

In addition to revisiting Japan, Gibbs is currently focused on regaining her footing in between the ropes. “I just want to get some small matches in here and there and just see kind of where I’m at and where my mind’s at in the ring, and start feeling back in,” she said.

Long-Term Plans

On a long-term scale, Gibbs welcomes an opportunity to sign with a major promotion again, but only if she feels truly ready.

“Of course I’d love to be re-signed, but I want to really feel like I’ve earned that position. I’m not a trial-and-error kind of thing. It’s like, ‘This girl’s got talent. She’s going to be great. Let’s sign her and see how she’s going to be.’ I want it to be, ‘We want Sadie Gibbs.’ I want to be at that point and feel that in myself as well, rather than then ‘Let’s take a chance on this girl.’ I don’t want that this time,” Gibbs said, referring to her previous stint in AEW. “I feel it was kind of that last time. They saw my talent, but they also knew maybe I’m not quite ready, but they took a chance.”

“We’ll see [what happens]. There’s fantastic opportunities out there at the moment. There’s many promotions, so if any come my way, I’ll be definitely weighing out the pros and cons and seeing whether it’s aligned with me and hopefully stepping on the right path in that one. But as I said, I just want to be so experienced where I’m not doubting myself when it comes to those contracts being in front of me.”

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