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Josh Alexander Reveals The IMPACT Moment That Made A Lasting Impression On Him

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WrestleZone recently spoke with Josh Alexander, who was asked to pick his favorite moments in his own IMPACT Wrestling career. To make it a bit more challenging, Alexander was asked to omit his world title win at Rebellion 2022.

“It’s kind of a weird answer. We didn’t have a crowd at the time, but just finishing out that 65-plus-minute match with TJP in front of zero crowd,” Josh Alexander said. “Going the complete distance in that Iron Man match and then adding the extra time and then coming out victorious. That will always stand as one of the star-making moments in my career. And one of those moments I’m most proud of.”

Alexander said it’s not easy doing a match like that, but he knew it was a huge opportunity.

“That thing exceeded me and TJP’s expectations. It was a very emotional night because you’re completely drained in every way possible,” he pointed out, “physically, mentally, emotionally, all this stuff. For it to come off as well as it did, that’s going to be the lasting impression on my entire career that I’m always going to run back to.”


Josh Alexander was also asked about his favorite moments that he wasn’t involved in. Several things came to mind, but one specific moment stood out.

“The first time I saw Low Ki, the first time I saw AJ Styles and Samoa Joe, that stuff sticks out in my mind. But the one that holds true, always,” he noted, “when Kurt Angle came to the company and he had that first stand-off with Samoa Joe. I remember I was chomping at the bit as a fan, as a young pro wrestler breaking into the business.

“That headbutt and for Samoa Joe to get [busted open] the hard way and just stand up behind him, that image has left a lasting impression on me,” he added. “It was like an explosion for IMPACT Wrestling. As a fan, watching him, you knew you were seeing something special and this company was gonna reach heights it had never reached before just on the backs of these two guys alone, let alone on the stacked roster they had.”


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