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Kesley Raegan Opens Up About Taking Time Off From Wrestling

Kelsey Raegan opens up about her recent decision to take some time off wrestling.

Professional wrestling is an inherently risky industry. While performers do their best to keep themselves and their opponents safe in the ring, wrestling itself presents an increased likelihood for injuries, and other physical damages. Last month, SHINE Tag Team Champion Kelsey Raegan announced that she’d be taking some time off from wrestling as she tends to some lingering neck issues.

Speaking with WrestleZone’s Ella Jay, Raegan provided more details about her decision to take a momentary step back from the squared circle.

“I really don’t want to step away at all, but my neck is giving me some issues. I took a powerbomb a few months ago that I guess it was a whiplash injury, I don’t know. The X-rays were fine. Nothing was broken,” Raegan said. “But you can’t really see [it], unless you get an MRI or something, you can’t really see the damage. But I kept wrestling on it because that’s just how I am. It’s just not getting any better. It’s just getting worse and worse. So, I’ve been forced to take a little bit of a break and try to heal it. I’m taking three months off. I’m hoping to be back mid-October, but it’s not something that I wanted to do at all, I’m very upset about it.”

What’s Next?

When asked what her specific plans were for this time period, Raegan expressed her hope to line up some managerial work. In the meantime, though, Raegan is focused on healing herself while also staying afloat financially.

“I feel like I’ve made wrestling my entire life, and it’s really hard when I can’t do it anymore. And it’s like, what am I supposed to do with my life? Wrestling was my life. So, I’m just going to be in the gym, which I mean, I was before, but in the gym trying to make money, probably going to be working a lot more [at my shoot job] than I normally would because I don’t have that income from wrestling coming in. So yeah, got to survive,” Raegan said. “But I’m hoping that I can get some manager work. I have talked to a few people about it that are interested, but we’ll see how it goes. Nothing is permanent right now.”

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