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Willow Nightingale: Athena Is The Perfect Foil, She Gave The Best Match Of My Life (So Far)

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WrestleZone recently spoke with Willow Nightingale, who picked a few recent matches that stand out in her mind. Willow beat Mercedes Moné for the NJPW Strong Women’s Championship, but she wanted to shine the spotlight on one of her other tournament matches in particular.

“I have two that come to mind. Because that same day that I wrestled Mercedes, I had wrestled Momo Kohgo in the first round of the tournament. And I think that is probably a top-three favorite match for me of all time, and it gets very overshadowed by the fact that I wrestled Mercedes that same night. Momo is an amazing competitor. I love that she has come back to the US to do that New Japan IMPACT crossover,” Willow explained.

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“I would love to see her continue to come to the United States to wrestle and have her fan base grow here and worldwide because not only is she someone who gives so much heart to professional wrestling, but outside of the ring, she had made me feel so comfortable when I was in Japan last and she’s just an amazing person,” she continued. “And I feel like it’s a very good match that shows the dynamic of my strength and her quickness in a nice quick ten minutes, easy peasy to watch and digest. From like a technical standpoint, that’s my favorite.”

Willow Nightingale also highlighted her highly-praised ROH Death Before Dishonor main event match against Athena. She noted the history involved, but also praised Athena (the forever champ) as being the yin to her yang.

“The match that I had with Athena at this most recent Ring of Honor pay-per-view, I think, emotionally is my favorite. Of course, for being the first women to main event a Ring of Honor pay-per-view that’s very important. But I do feel like, in-ring, I have a very special connection to Athena. I think we have very good chemistry,” Willow said. “I think she is the perfect foil for my happy-go-lucky, cheery self. She is incredibly hard-hitting and pulls that out of me, and I just think it is maybe my favorite or best match of this year or my life so far.”


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