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Shayna Baszler: ‘Bushido’ Proves Pro Wrestling And MMA Can Mix Successfully

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WrestleZone spoke with Shayna Baszler, who recently commented on some fans not knowing their wrestling history. The remark was in response to critics of the ‘MMA Rules’ stipulation of her match with Ronda Rousey at SummerSlam. Baszler gave some sources where fans could better educate themselves on the history of the one true sport.

“I think if you tune into any UWFI stuff, or even Pancrase is leaning more towards that route. But there’s just a lot of people that don’t understand that MMA and pro wrestling came from the same place,” Shayna Baszler said. “To think that the two can’t mix is, is an uneducated statement.

“They came from the same place. Like I said, you can go on Amazon Prime, [there’s] a show called ‘Bushido’, and it’s old UWFI matches,” Baszler added. “You watch those and then tell me if the two can’t mix.”


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