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Alpha Academy Pinpoints Their ‘Launching Point,’ Recalls Reaction To Graduation Ceremony

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WrestleZone recently spoke with Alpha Academy‘s Chad Gable and Otis, who were asked for a match or moment when they realized their team clicked.

Gable has teamed with Jason Jordan and Shelton Benjamin in the past, while Otis was linked with Tucker in Heavy Machinery. Gable said that their tag title win really highlighted things, and he gave credit to Randy Orton for helping put things together.

Chad Gable: “The first match that comes to mind where like, it’s weird, because it’s the match we won the titles, but it’s the first match where I felt like we were made whole as a team. Because even all the way up to that point. We’ve done a lot of stuff even as heels, and like we did some stuff in the ThunderDome era and all this where we were doing matches, but like, I don’t know, it felt like we were just still two singles guys, kind of thrown together or just trying to work it out. And we were just doing whatever they needed us to do.

“But that night in Philadelphia against Randy [Orton] and the way that Randy helps put stuff together and makes everything make so much sense and get the most out of the least. Like we felt like we were a team that night for the first time, like a real team. Everything functioned properly. It was just clicking, and so like that was like I felt like our launching point.”

“My God, the promo”

Otis: “I believe the night — not with wrestling but definitely with our first ceremony graduation for me, we were gifted a lot of time for that. And I remember just like going like man, we’re basically just doing what we do in the car. Like I know he’s memorizing a lot of stuff because I’m very good at memorizing, but it’s just crazy how it’s just like it didn’t even feel like work at all. It was just like us doing what we do. And of course, who better to do it with than Rated RK-Bro? Then we got to the back; it was funny because Vince was like [does a Vince impersonation], ‘My God, the promo. My God, the chemistry of you two!’ And I was just like, ‘Yes, sir.’”

Gable said Otis made a good point. He noted that they were doing so well that Otis even spelled a word wrong in the RK-Bro spelling bee but no one noticed because they were so popular.

Chad Gable: “I finally got to the point very quickly there where that was it for us. Like I knew I didn’t even need that stuff anymore. It’s like I could do this stuff with this character with my eyes closed. He can play off me, and I can play off him with my eyes closed. I mean, he spelled the freaking word wrong in the spelling bee, whether or not people caught that. But we made it work anyway. Well, you’re not gonna tell him you spelled the word wrong, are you? That face. All that to say, I mean, at that point in time, I think we were clicking so much that we could just make anything work and felt really good.”


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