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Alexia Nicole Details Shoulder Injury History, Transformation Into ‘The Bionic Woman’

Alexia Nicole lays out the path that led to the development of “The Bionic Woman.”

Alexia Nicole has officially shredded her identity as “The Bubblegum Princess,” morphing herself into a more bionic being — the “The Bionic Woman” to be exact. During a recent chat with WrestleZone’s Ella Jay, the Canadian performer explained how a series of shoulder injuries led her to alter her character in the professional wrestling space.

“It’s been a process. So the night before what was supposed to be my first match, I was 16 at the time, trying stuff at training unsupervised, which is never a good idea. Got hurt. Dislocated shoulder. It had happened a few times before, but I had to go to the hospital. Had surgery a few months later, came back. Everything was great, had my first match. A couple matches in, happened again. Another surgery. Years and years went by. I think it was 2019 was the last one, and then COVID happened,” Nicole recalled.

“My shoulder had been doing okay. I was definitely having some issues still that [I] was just kind of doing the wrestler thing of like, ‘It’s fine, it’ll be fine, I’ll be fine.’ The, ‘if you ignore it, it hopefully goes away’ wrestler thing that we all like to do. But it wasn’t going away, it was getting worse. So thankfully, with everything kind of shut down, I was able to take the time, get MRIs done, and a lot more diagnostics. The surgery that I had [in 2021] was a reconstructive surgery. So I had bone moved around and all that, but that went great. I feel better than I did before.”

Becoming ‘The Bionic Woman’

Amidst the recovery from her most recent surgery, Nicole began rebuilding herself physically, mentally, and creatively. After several years of portraying herself as “The Bubblegum Princess,” Nicole was ready for a fresh slate, hence her transformation into “The Bionic Woman.”

“While I was recovering and getting ready to get back in the ring, I was kind of tired of being ‘The Bubblegum Princess.’ It was something I started when I was like 18 [or] 19, and then I was 25 in 2021. So I feel like I had outgrown it,” Nicole said. “I wanted something new, and it just kind of fell into place. I was just trying to think of something new and I felt bionic, I felt I had been rebuilt. It felt better than I did before I had any work done. I guess that’s really where it came from — I wanted something new. I felt like that was the next step for me. My shoulder’s never felt better before surgery, so after surgery, clearly something helped.”

When asked to further elaborate on the meaning of her new moniker, Nicole noted that she is still in the process of sharpening out its finer elements. Nicole asserts, though, that this new character presentation is noticeably more mature in nature.

“Past me was like a Disney princess or like a mean girl, one or the other. That was the things that I was into then. I’m still into it now, but I’m much more of a superhero, cyberpunk, secret agent. That’s the stuff that I like more now, and that’s what I kind of based everything around. I’m still tinkering with it, but that’s the direction I’m leaning in compared to where I was [with] the more childy character prior.”

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