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Kingsley Is Really Happy Mickie James Is Putting A Spotlight On Australian Wrestling

Kingsley shares her reaction to Mickie James hosting an all-women’s show in Australia.

In April 2024, Mickie James will spearhead her second all-women’s wrestling show. This time, the event will be presented under the banner of Starrcast, emanating from Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. Upon the initial announcement, it was noted that 30 Australian and international wrestlers will partake in the Starrcast Downunder convention. WrestleZone’s Ella Jay recently spoke with one of Australia’s notable fixtures, Kingsley, about her excitement heading into James’ next event as a promoter, titled “HER.”

As of now, Starrcast has yet to confirm which Australian talents will be involved with HER. Regardless of who is selected, Kingsley believes HER is a prime opportunity to bring more eyes to the Australian wrestling scene.

“I think it’s been quite the buzz, especially within our girls. It’s really nice to have someone actually look into our little demographic and just be like ‘let’s showcase them’ because we’re actually so good,” Kingsley said. “Not to be biased or anything, but we’re really f***ing good.”

“I’m just really really, really happy that someone especially like Mickie James has actually taken the time out of her life to look into us and want to be a part of our little Australian wrestling community. I’m very, very interested to see where this leads. It’s just going to be really fun for us, and I think it’s a testament to our girls as well that someone like Mickie James is actually looking to us. We’re actually really good.”

Rising Talents

In assessing the current Australian wrestling scene, Kingsley pointed to current MCW Women’s Champion DELTA as one talent that people should be taking more notice of.

“The one that popped in my head was DELTA. Oh my God, she can murder someone, but she is the sweetest person I’ve ever met,” Kingsley said. “She’s just so funny and such a great person but she’s a good wrestler. She looks phenomenal and is just really easy to work with. She’s so fun. You look at her and I’m just like, ‘You haven’t got a contract yet, girl? You are a superstar.’ She’s always impressed me as a human being and as a wrestler. I think she’ll go far, really really far. She’s the top person I would really, really push hard for if you want to see someone new — that’s DELTA.”

DELTA’s second reign as MCW Women’s Champion began in October 2023, when she defeated Jarvis in a Winner Takes All match for the MCW Women’s Championship and MCW Intercommonwealth Championship.

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