Dirty Dango

Dirty Dango Says ‘Aggressive’ Match With Steve Maclin Reminded Him Of A Past Life

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WrestleZone recently spoke with Dirty Dango, who picked his work with Steve Maclin as some of the standout matches in his TNA/IMPACT career. In particular, Dango said the January 19, 2023 match they had in Atlanta proved how good Maclin really is.

“I had a really good match with Steve Maclin last year, and I’ve worked him a lot. We worked a lot in tag team in the past. I didn’t realize how good he was until we had that singles match. He’s real aggressive,” Dirty Dango explained. “I was stiffing the hell out of him, and he kept bringing it. He’s a real tough dude.”

Dango said he enjoyed the match because it wasn’t a comedy match. This one was more in line with how he used to work as Johnny Curtis and it felt like a glimpse into the past.

“It was aggressive, and the way I used to work back in the day. I’ve been doing comedy so long, sometimes you get in the habit of going through the motions of being a comedy wrestler. So it reminded me of a past life of Johnny Curtis, when I used to work at a more aggressive style. So maybe that match,” Dango said. “I can’t think of any other ones offhand because I’m shot, and I don’t remember who I wrestled last week. But I remember that match. It was good. I think [Steve] is a really underrated talent, for sure.”


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