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Cesaro’s 5 Most Mesmerizing In-Ring Moments

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The Swiss Superman Cesaro is no ordinary athlete. At 6’5 and 232 lbs, he’s one of the most exceptional athletes that has ever graced a WWE ring. Born and raised in the mountains of Switzerland, Cesaro belongs to a different breed of wrestlers altogether. He has it all – the size, the agility, the strength, and the in-ring prowess.

Through the years, he’s proven himself to be one of WWE’s top in-ring competitors and has mesmerized fans with some of the most incredible bouts of strength and agility that hasn’t really been seen before. It’s no wonder that he’s often referred to as the “pound-for-pound strongest athlete in WWE”.

His toughness and resiliency has seen him display feats of strength that can best be described as jaw-dropping. We take a look at Cesaro’s 5 most jaw-dropping moments in the ring.

#5.) Uppercut frenzy against The Ascension 

As Mauro Ranallo famously called “Ain’t no party like an uppercut party cos an uppercut party don’t stop

On an episode of RAW on May 2015, Cesaro and Tyson Kidd took on The Ascension. After being tagged in, Cesaro knocked Konnor on the floor and Viktor became the first victim of the uppercut train. The Swiss Superman would throw Viktor end-to-end, hitting him with ten consecutive uppercuts before knocking him down with a lariat.

The crowd was into it and how! One could argue that his match with Daniel Bryan saw a more impressive uppercut barrage (he struck Bryan with 19 consecutive uppercuts), but the fact that he ran with such ferocity makes this even more impressive.