The Revival Scott Dawson Dash Wilder FTR
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

5 Ways WWE Can Revive The Revival

In NXT, there was no better tag team than The Revival. American Alpha and DiY did dethrone them in two classics, but even then, they didn’t end up sticking around for long as a tag team. The Revival, on the other hand, became the first team to ever hold the NXT Tag Team Championships twice.

Although they were despised heels, even fans couldn’t deny the pedigree they had. They were an old school tag team that used old school wrestling psychology in an age of high-flyers and fast-paced action. Their slogan “No flips, just fists” made them stand out, and fans believed that when it was time for the main roster call-up, The Revival would surely succeed.

They made an impactful debut on RAW after WrestleMania 33, taking out The New Day and essentially sending them to SmackDown Live. Injuries in the early going among other things led to The Revival not having a very great start. They’ve competed for the RAW Tag Team Championships, but haven’t fully come close to winning it yet. Though they are guaranteed future champions, there’s a lot of work to do to revive The Revival. It is possible, however, and here’s how WWE should go about doing it.

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