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Neville’s 5 Best Matches In WWE

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Neville, for all it’s worth, had a fantastic run in WWE. Sure, he never reached main event status, but the truth is that there isn’t place for everyone on the top of the card. Despite this, Neville came in with a lot of promise, and to the most part, delivered. He had a solid run as NXT Champion which lasted for a whopping 287 days.

Even on the main roster, he was around for a good part of two years, with time cut short owing to an injury. Neville then went on to prove himself as one of the best high-flyers in the company, showing a level of athleticism that hadn’t really been seen in the WWE before. His run with the Cruiserweight Championship, too was notable, as he managed to reinvent his character, adding a whole new dimension to it.

His run as the “King of Cruiserweights” unfortunately came to a screeching halt when WWE decided to center the division around Enzo Amore. This would lead to his sudden departure from the company. Either way, he’s proven to be an absolute workhorse and these five matches put it beyond doubt.

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