dean ambrose
Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

5 Dream Matches For Dean Ambrose Outside WWE

Dean Ambrose‘s WWE departure came as a shocking announcement to the WWE Universe. For many fans, he’s been one of the pillars of the company in WWE’s new era. With the transition into the newer generation of superstars a few years ago, the three former Shield members essentially became the three faces of WWE.

However, after Ambrose’s injury and his return, things didn’t pan out as one might have hoped. Sure, they pulled the trigger on his heel turn at the right time, but they didn’t capitalize on it at all. Instead of bringing out a darker, more sadistic side of himself, we saw goofy gimmicks like an injection to his backside, constantly calling himself “the moral compass of WWE” and more.

From the look of things, there was a lot of creative dissatisfaction from Ambrose’s end.

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