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5 Benefits Of Intergender Wrestling In WWE

Intergender wrestling isn’t a new concept in WWE if you think about it. However, there’s only really been one woman in WWE history who consistently took on the men toe-to-toe, and that was Chyna. In fact, it’s believed that Chyna herself wasn’t particularly interested in wrestling in the Women’s division, which is probably why she only has one Women’s Championship victory to her name.

Either way, she’s a trailblazer and has a very important role in WWE history. There are many reasons (and valid ones at that) for WWE not to have intergender wrestling in the product. Triple H himself has stated before that he believes that similar to how the Cruiserweight superstars only face other Cruiserweights, the women should only face other women.

The argument is fair, but would there really be any harm in having a Cruiserweight superstar from 205 Live make an appearance time and again to have a good showing on RAW and SmackDown Live. We’ve seen Mustafa Ali be the first superstar to ever “move out” of 205 Live.

There are undoubtedly benefits to introducing Intergender wrestling in WWE, and we look at the upside of it.

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