WWE Elimination Chamber
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WWE Elimination Chamber 2019: 5 Superstars Who Shined

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WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 proved one thing – a good PPV ending can make a major difference to the perception of the show. While the Women’s Elimination Chamber match started off relatively slow, it managed to pick up the pace quickly towards the end. As soon as Nia Jax and Tamina were eliminated, there was an even bigger sense of excitement in the crowd.

After we saw the crowning of the first-ever Women’s Tag Team Champions, we witnessed The Usos regaining the SmackDown Tag titles from the self-proclaimed Best Tag Team In The World. Finn Balor managed to capture singles gold for the first time in over two years, while Ronda Rousey ran through Ruby Riott with ease (only to face an interesting aftermath).

Braun Strowman got pinned by only the third superstar in his WWE career, but it wasn’t without some assistance. The main event was a thing of legends, and we’ll be looking into five superstars that shined at Elimination Chamber.

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