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5 WWE Hall of Fame Inductions That Surprisingly Haven’t Happened Yet

The WWE Hall of Fame has gradually become one of the pinnacles of the professional wrestling business. It started off as a concept in 1994, but it was nothing like it was today. The Hall of Fame was created to induct Andre The Giant, who had passed away. He was the rightful first inductee, but it was nothing more than an announcement on television.

For a few years after, it was similar before being temporarily disbanded. Only after the turn of the 21st century did WWE start taking the Hall of Fame very seriously, making it an integral part of WrestleMania weekend. Now, it’s one of the five major days at WrestleMania week, normally kicking off the festivities or going right after NXT Takeover.

While many legends have had their rightful place in the WWE Hall of Fame, and some many feel were undeserved, these are five inductions that have surprisingly not happened yet.

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