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Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

WWE Money In The Bank 2019: 5 WWE Superstars Who Shouldn’t Win

Kevin Owens money in the bank
Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Money in the Bank is almost here and it’s quite an important PPV for WWE as we slowly enter the second half of the year. WrestleMania is now behind us and the road continues for WWE superstars, many of whom try to summit the ladder to success and capture the Money in the Bank briefcase.

The PPV has a general important feel to it, but MITB has had quite some value for a while now, with many fans considering it to be a part of the “new Big 4”, replacing Survivor Series. Either way, we’re going to know the direction of the rest of the year with the PPV, which is why it’s a pivotal moment for WWE to make sure that the right superstars go over.

We wrote about the superstars who should be winning at Money in the Bank, so let’s look at the superstars who should not be getting a victory at the big show.

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