Cody Rhodes
Photo Credit: Thomas Tischio / AEW

5 Reasons Why Chair Shots To The Head Should Be Banned, Regardless Of Promotion

Photo Credit: Robert M. Pimpsner/Pinstriped Prospects

As you know, WWE banned chair shots to the head around 9 years ago. It was a series of circumstances that led to it, but the decision in hindsight has been praised, as it looks after talent well-being rather than just viewing them as circus animals. An article from Pwinsider on March 2010 revealed a statement put out by a WWE Spokesperson regarding concussions and banning chair shots to the head:

“In January 2010, WWE amended its Talent Wellness Program, specifically regarding the ImPACT Concussion Management Program originally instituted in 2008, eliminating the use of folding chairs or props to “strike” an opponent in the head.  Prior to this policy change, The Tables, Ladders and Chairs event in question took place on December 13, 2009.  “Incidentally, no performer suffered a concussion during the TLC event.”

The discussion about chair shots to the head was recently brought up after AEW Fyter Fest, where Cody Rhodes was struck with a chair shot to the head by Shawn Spears fka Tye Dillinger. Granted, AEW does have a TV-14 rating so they have a bit more leverage with it. Regardless, we believe that any promotion in wrestling has the responsibility of looking after its performer’s well being. And though Cody Rhodes is the man in charge, we’d like to state our case in five reasons as to why chair shots to the head should be banned – period!

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