King Corbin
Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

All Hail The King: Why Baron Corbin Was The Right Choice For King Of The Ring Winner

The King of The Ring 2019 tournament has officially come to its conclusion and as expected, it was Baron Corbin who ended up walking out as the winner. He defeated a very game Chad Gable, who had to fight tooth and nail to reach the finals and did the same against Corbin, only to fall short.

The entire story of Gable was about the size difference between he and his competitors in the tournament, but Corbin was an entire foot taller than him, making it seem realistic that Corbin would win. Gable had the crowd behind him and was obviously the sentimental favorite going in, but as it turned out, WWE had bigger plans for Corbin.

Either way, the right superstar won, even if fans aren’t happy that Gable didn’t pick up the victory. Here are a few reasons why Baron Corbin was the right choice to become the King of the Ring winner.

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