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The Fixers Plan To Be The ‘Biggest And Baddest’ NWA United States Tag Team Champions

The Fixers (Wrecking Ball Legursky and Jay Bradley) are the new NWA United States Tag Team Champions, and the triumph is the newest step in their plan to “fix” the National Wrestling Alliance.


Legursky and Bradley won the titles by emerging victorious in a 12-team battle royal for the titles at NWA 74. The championships had been deactivated since 1992, but their previous linage includes great teams like The Steiner Brothers and The Midnight Express.

In an interview with WrestleZone prior to the pay-per-view, the powerhouses to describe what they intend to fix, as seen in the following exchange.

Bradley: “Anything. Everything. You.

Wrecking Ball: “The NWA.”

Bradley: “Tag team wrestling.”

When asked how they intend to “fix” the NWA and tag team wrestling, Legursky said, “What’s wrong with it? There’s not enough big, strong, awesome badass guys like The Fixers, and now we’re here, and now we’re fixing it.”

Being a part of a historic promotion like the NWA means a lot to the duo, but they intend to fix it and add to that history.

“We’re fixing it by making it more awesome and better because they needed a good tag team like us.”

“It’s great,” said Legursky. “The NWA is historic. The NWA, throughout wrestling history, has been the Mecca of wrestling, and we’re fixing it, and we’re adding to that history.”

Several months before NWA 74,The Fixers competed in the Crockett Cup tournament, but they came up short. Next year, the powerhouses plan to win the trophy so they can eat cereal out of it.

“I think it was kind of a big snafu that we didn’t win the Crockett Cup,” Bradley said. “We should have been carrying that and eating cereal out of that for weeks.”

Legursky chimed in by saying, “Cookie Crisp”, and Bradley assured him that they’ll get there. He stated that they’re going to keep dominating their opponents after NWA 74 all the way to the Crockett Cup in 2023.

“We’ll get there. Next year, next year. But I think we’re gonna fit right in with that list that you just rambled off. We’re gonna be the newest NWA USA Tag Team Champions, and then we’re gonna continue to steamroll the competition all the way to next year’s Crockett Cup.”

Moving forward, The Fixers plan to be the biggest and baddest NWA United States Tag Team Champions.

“We’re gonna be the newest, we’re gonna be the biggest, and we’re gonna be the baddest NWA USA Tag Champions,” said Legursky.

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