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The Three Count: WWE RAW Featured An Exciting Return And An Odd Conclusion

WWE RAW was a bit of a mixed bag on November 7. Hot off the heels of the Crown Jewel event, WWE shifted gears and ramped up the build to Survivor Series on Monday. The company took one major step forward by confirming a buzzworthy bout for the show, but some of this momentum was lost by a head-scratching conclusion. Plus, an exciting return has added more depth to RAW’s women’s division.

Austin Theory Strikes Out

It’s somewhat ironic that Seth Rollins, the man who had the famous “Heist of the Century” cash-in, spoiled Austin Theory’s attempt to utilize his own Money in the Bank contract. At the end of the show, Theory aimed to capitalize when Bobby Lashley left Rollins, the United States Champion, lying in a heap following his second attempt to hold an open challenge on Monday. (The OC and The Judgment Day ruined the first attempt).

Theory strolled to the ring, seemingly in a prime position to beat Rollins and win the title when he cashed in the contract. Right off the bat, this call was questionable. Why would Theory use his contract on the WWE United States Championship when he could have targeted a world tile? From a storyline perspective, was he that desperate, or was he doubtful of his ability to dethrone Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns? That second excuse is fair, but it’s still not a good look. By the end of the night, Theory certainly didn’t look good; he failed to beat Rollins, as Lashley came back and assaulted the young star at ringside. Theory almost got counted out, and while he avoided that fate, Rollins pinned him following an emphatic Stomp.

The end of Theory’s run as Mr. Money in the Bank, barring some backtracking akin to what fans saw with The Miz in 2021, removes one of the last stubborn hangnails from the era of Vince McMahon; Theory, among other projects, was one of the prominent stars Triple H inherited when he took over as the head of creative in July. Whereas McMahon quickly pushed Theory to the top, Triple H pumped the brakes and then some. Now, it’s unclear what the future holds, but his reversal of fortune on Monday will be tough to bounce back from.

Mia Yim’s Return Boosts The RAW Women’s Division

Mia Yim is back, as WWE continues to restock the women’s division throughout the main roster. Placing the former IMPACT Wrestling standout on the red brand loads up RAW’s lineup even more, as she joins Bianca Belair, Rhea Ripley, Damage CTRL (Bayley, IYO SKY, and Dakota Kai), Nikki Cross, Alexa Bliss, and Asuka, among others. This star-studded lineup has already carried EAW in recent months, and Yim’s presence will bolster it.

Yim has a proven a track record of success, but she hasn’t gotten the chance to shine on the main roster of WWE before. Her previous run on RAW was centered around the ill-fated Retribution group, and after its downfall, she didn’t appear on WWE TV again until her release. Following a prominent run in IMPACT, Yim has returned, and she has been slotted into a prominent spot. n Monday, she aligned with The OC and acted as the neutralizer for their “Rhea Ripley problem” in the group’s feud against The Judgment Day. At least in the short-term, Yim stands to be featured in one of the top stories on RAW, which should help the company establish her as an impact player.


It’s finally official; as confirmed on Monday, Bianca Belair and a team of allies will battle Damage CTRL in a WarGames Match at WWE Survivor Series. The clash has been brewing since SummerSlam, when Bayley, Dakota Kai, and IYO SKY set their sights on the RAW Women’s Champion. “The EST” has formed a strong alliance with Alexa Bliss and Asuka, and the core of this rivalry has turned into a bitter battle for supremacy. Belair has fended off Bayley’s attempts to win the gold, while Bliss and Asuka have played hot potato with the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship with Kai and SKY. Control of the RAW women’s division is at stake, and the WarGames Match will likely be a major momentum swing one way or another.

The introduction of Nikki Cross into the mix has given Damage CTRL the numbers advantage, they outmatch Belair’s team four to three. But neither group is complete yet, as both teams will have five members by the time the bell rings at Survivor Series.

It’s possible that WWE could merge storylines and have Ripley and Yim compete in the bout; Ripley’s involvement was teased when she stared Belair down on Monday. Aside from Yim, it’s unclear who could join forces with Belair. This open-ended question will be one of the key points on the road to Survivor Series, and it could shape the narrative surrounding the match. Either way, it promises to be an exciting ride.

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