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Bryan Danielson’s 5 Best AEW Matches

Bryan Danielson is widely regarded as one of the best pure wrestlers on the planet today. The American Dragon has received tremendous praise from fans and peers alike for his psychology and in-ring acumen. His matches in AEW continue to remind fans why they started chanting “Danielson’s gonna kick your f*cking head in” in the first place.

Danielson debuted in AEW after bidding adieu to a storied career in WWE. He arrived in Tony Khan’s promotion at All Out on September 5, 2021. Since then, Danielson’s has had some of the best matches in the young promotion’s history. He has given five-star classics against a plethora of AEW wrestlers.

These are his five best matches in AEW.

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Bryan Danielson vs. Eddie Kingston (AEW Rampage – October 27, 2021)

Bryan Danielson was the fan favorite to win the World Title Eliminator Tournament in 2021. But he had to go through another beloved performer in Eddie Kingston. The duo squared off on the October 27, 2021 Rampage.

Despite the majority of fans favoring Bryan’s win, Kingston put up a fight and showed the fans that he wasn’t going to let Danielson win the whole tournament easily. They had a terrific match that scored 4.74 on Dave Meltzer’s match ratings list.

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Danielson Vs. Ricky Starks (AEW All Out – September 3, 2023)

Bryan Danielson wasn’t reportedly AEW’s first choice for a match against Ricky Starks at AEW All Out. Starks was supposedly pitched a match against CM Punk for the “Real” AEW World Championship at the September 3, 2023 PPV event. Punk’s termination caused Tony Khan to bring in Danielson as his replacement.

Danielson brought his stiff punishment to Starks as the duo squared off in a No Disqualification Strap Match. This was a blood bath with extreme physicality. Starks took to Twitter after the match to show off the scars he received at the hands of Danielson. Nevertheless, this was a great comeback match for the American Dragon.

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Danielson Vs. Adam Page (AEW Dynamite: Winter is Coming – December 15, 2021)

It is safe to say that Adam Page is one of Bryan Danielson’s greatest rivals in AEW. The pair have excellent chemistry. The feed on the emotions of the crowd to tell an incredible story inside the ring. Their matches have been nothing short of spectacular.

Danielson won the world title eliminator in 2021 to face Page at AEW Dynamite: Winter is Coming. The duo wrestled a 60-minute Broadway in front of a red-hot Dynamite crowd. The “Hangman” retained the title due to the time-limit draw, but the fans got to witness a great match.

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Danielson Vs. MJF (AEW Revolution 2023)

MJF put Bryan Danielson through many trials and tribulations for a shot at his title. The American Dragon managed to overcome each obstacle. He then challenged the “Devil Himself” to a 60-minute Iron Man match at AEW Revolution.

The match is arguably one of the best in AEW’s history. It is also one of the best in both men’s careers. The Iron Man match had cool spots, amazing storytelling and entertainment. The champion bested the challenger by making the submission specialist tap out to his own LeBell Lock. For those unaware, the match went into overtime.

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Danielson vs. Kenny Omega (AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam – September 22, 2021)

Fans might be surprised to know that Bryan Danielson and Kenny Omega worked together in Ring of Honor. Their encounter in 2021 was a dream match come true for many. Danielson debuted at All Out 2021. Three weeks later, he squared against the Cleaner for the first time in years.

Danielson versus Omega was AEW’s biggest dream match turned into reality at up to that point. The two men used their knowledge and experience to the best of their abilities. Every move was well executed. The crowd was red hot for their wrestlers. AEW also did a great job of protecting Omega and Danielson by booking the match’s ending to a time-limit draw.

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