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Best Options For AEW’s Devil

The mystery surrounding AEW’s Devil has kept fans intrigued since the masked individual first showed up two months ago. For those unaware, a mystery individual wearing a devil mask led a group of attackers that ambushed Jay White on the September 27 episode of Dynamite.

The attackers were seen again during their assault on The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn on the November 8 episode of AEW Dynamite. The AEW’s Devil’s most recent appearance transpired on the go-home episode of Dynamite for Full Gear.

The identity of the mystery person is expected to revealed at the PPV event this Saturday. While we anxiously await for the big reveal, let’s take a look at some of the best options for AEW’s Devil in the meantime:

Jungle Boy

Jungle Boy hasn’t appeared on AEW television since All In at Wembley. The former AEW World Tag Team Champion was suspended following a backstage scuffle with CM Punk at the August 27 pay-per-view event.

The real-life Jack Perry was struggling to connect with fans as a heel. It is possible that Tony Khan could’ve booked him as AEW’s Devil to give his character a fresh start. Fans didn’t accept a heel Jungle Boy, but they can potentially get behind a Devil Jack Perry.

britt baker
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Dr. Britt Baker

The latest Fighful Select report has dismissed rumors of Dr. Bitt Baker possibly being AEW’s Devil. That being said, one cannot deny that pro wrestling, at its core, is about working the fans until they can’t be worked.

The D.M.D. previously teased she could be under the mask. Plus, her relationship with Adam Cole, as well as past banters with MJF, can potentially factor into the storyline. Remember when CM Punk said he had been replaced by Britt Baker? The Devil could be that very replacement.

adam cole
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Adam Cole

Adam Cole didn’t turn heel on MJF despite the multiple opportunities he got to betray his best friend. Both refused to resort to cheap tactics during their Wembley main event. The storyline would’ve given fans something more had Cole not injured himself during MJF versus Samoa Joe on AEW Dynamite weeks ago.

Cole’s hiatus from in-ring competition doesn’t mean he cannot appear on television. Dynamite has dropped multiple teases in the past that point toward Cole as AEW’s Devil. Fans shouldn’t be surprised if Cole, Britt Baker and Roderick Strong are all found to be working together against the AEW World Champion.

cm punk
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CM Punk could make his return as AEW’s Devil

CM Punk’s AEW run has been nothing shot of dramatic, to say the least. The Second City Saint was suspended over his involvement in Brawl Out. He made his return as the face of Collision only to be fired for cause after All In.

Fightful Select says many within AEW believe CM Punk is not AEW’s Devil, but that could be a huge work if that turned out to be the case. Punk recently dropped an interesting post in regards to him possibly being the Devil on his Instagram Stories.

Punk has also teased appearing at WWE Survivor Series in Chicago. It’s possible he’s just trolling everyone for a laugh, but his return to AEW would certainly be newsworthy.

mjf aew all out
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There’s just something that doesn’t seem right with how AEW’s Devil operates. The person has only attacked people who are either a threat to MJF or are trying to be his friends. Case in point: Jay White and The Acclaimed.

MJF’s current run may have turned him into a fan favorite, but his past is filled with lies and deception. He was the first avatar of AEW’s Devil at All Out 2022. He just might’ve pulled the greatest trick once again.

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