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Best TNA Wrestling TV Matches Of 2004

TNA Wrestling witnessed a surge in popularity in 2004. The promotion made a switch to cable television with the introduction of a weekly television show, iMPACT!, in May. This also led to the introduction of the iconic six-sided ring, which would become synonymous with its identity up until 2010.

Also, Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, would become the new home for TNA’s television tapings under the IMPACT Zone banner. Perhaps the most glaring change came when the promotion discontinued its weekly PPV format for the traditional monthly pay-per-view model in September.

When it came to in-ring work, 2004 was rather a slow year for TNA but it did manage to churn out a few high-quality matches on weekly television. So, let’s dive right into it.

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AJ Styles vs. Scott Hall (November 26)

TNA had their first monthly PPV in history on November 27, 2004. To hype Turning Point, the promotion held a decent television taping a week prior in Orlando. The main event saw AJ Styles clash with Scott Hall in singles competition.

The crowd was quite invested in the match. While the in-ring action was decent at best, considering Hall’s condition at the time, it made for good television action just before Turning Point 2004.

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Abyss vs. Jeff Hardy (October 8)

This match kicked off the iconic feud between Abyss and Jeff Hardy. The Charismatic Enigma had arrived on the IMPACT Zone after a superb stint with WWE. Hardy was already a made name by the time he arrived in TNA.

Both men met in the NWA World Heavyweight Title number one contenders’ mini-tournament semi-final. Hardy played the underdog trying to escape the clutches of Abyss. Jeff barely got the win in this match.

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America’s Most Wanted vs. Dallas and Kid Kash (NWA Tag Team Title Match – June 4)

Chris Harris and James Storm looked to become the four-time NWA World Tag Team Champions in this match. Their opponents were the brash and outspoken Kid Kash and the big man Dallas (aka Lance Archer).

This was a good match for a television taping. AMV are among the greatest tag teams in TNA Wrestling history. Dallas and Kash had pretty good chemistry. Harris and Storm would claim their fourth tag team title run after nearly eight minutes of back-and-forth action.

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AJ Styles vs. Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin (TNA Xplosion #99)

A great triple threat between three of the pioneers of the 2000s indie movement. Styles, Shelley, and Sabin have always had great chemistry.

This triple threat served to showcase the X-Division in spectacular fashion. The action was fast-paced with some neat spots between the trio. Styles picked up the win after nine minutes of action.

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AJ Styles vs. Chris Sabin vs. Elix Skipper vs. Michael Shane (TNA X-Division Title No. 1 Contendership Match – June 4)

The first episode of TNA iMPACT heralded a new era for the promotion. AJ Styles, Chris Sabin, Elix Skipper, and Michael Shane headlined the taping in a number one contender’s match to determine the new challenger to the X-Division Championship.

This match lasted less than six minutes but it felt like it packed 15 minutes of action into it. All four men worked flawlessly to deliver fast-paced action. Styles picked up the win following a Styles Clash on Michael Shane.

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