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WWE NXT Hits And Misses (4/16/24)

WWE NXT presented an action-packed edition from the Performance Center this week. The show featured NXT Champions Ilja Dragunov and Roxanne Perez. We also got a new number one contender to the NXT North American Championship.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest hits and misses from WWE NXT this week.

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Miss – Lola Vice’s dance routine

Lola Vice took on Sol Ruca in the second match of the night this week on NXT. Blair Davenport caused a distraction for Ruca, which allowed Miss Vice to pick up the one. After the match, Natalya challenged Vice to an NXT Underground match at Spring Breakin’ on April 30.

Lola Vice is a tough competitor, no doubt, but she really needs to get rid of her dance routine. Natalya hyped up their upcoming NXT Underground match only for Lola to undersell it with her dance moves afterwards.

Hit – Je’Von Evans shows up out of nowhere

NXT has arguably the most creative way to book open challenges. Top champion Ilja Dragunov put his title on the line in an open challenge this week. The Czar stood in the ring ready for battle as the whole NXT locker room ran to get their hands on the champion.

However, Je’Von Evans had the most creative answer to Ilja’s challenge. The former Jay Malachi performed a springboard leap to appear in front of the champion. This turned out to be the match of the night.

Ilja showed why he’s the NXT Champion. Evans is without a doubt one of the most promising talents to sign with WWE NXT.

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Miss – Drew Gulak’s fate is revealed

Drew Gulak’s fate was apparently confirmed on WWE NXT this week. For those unaware, the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion was previously accused of sexual harassment by Ronda Rousey. Gulak provided his stance in a tweet. He was pulled from WWE appearances in the wake of the controversy.

WWE used an angle to explain Drew Gulak’s absence from NXT this week. Tony D’Angelo said The Family “took care” of a member of No Catch Quarter Crew, confirming Gulak’s absence from WWE TV, at NXT Heritage Cup Champion Charlie Dempsey’s behest. Recent reports stated Gulak “won’t be back for a while, if at all.”

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Hit – Ivar stands tall

Ivar showed up last week on WWE NXT. The Viking took out NXT North American Champion Oba Femi. Ivar took on Josh Briggs in a number one contender’s match this week on the White and Gold Brand.

Both big men dished out some brutal punishment on each other. Ivar planted Josh Briggs with a huge moonsault for the win. The former tag team specialist will face Oba Femi for the title at NXT Spring Breakin’ on April 30.

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Miss – Steel cage main event on WWE NXT

Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes headlined WWE NXT this week. The former best friends collided inside a steel cage to settle the odds. To be fair, this match was quite underwhelming despite the stipulation at play.

Williams won the match with a running knee strike. He’ll face Ilja Dragunov for the NXT Championship next Tuesday at Spring Breakin’. If Williams loses, he’ll have no choice but to leave NXT.

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