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WWE RAW Hits And Misses (5/27/24)

It’s time for WWE RAW recap.

This week’s edition of RAW emanated from Savannah’s EnMarket Arena in Georgia. Drew McIntyre, Damian Priest, Becky Lynch, and Liv Morgan were highlighted on the show last night.

Here’s what went down on WWE RAW.

Miss – Oversized crown

WWE RAW kicked off with an in-ring promo segment featuring Gunther and Ludwig Kaiser. The Ring General entered the ring with his newly-won King of the Ring crown, which looked like it was too big to fit his head. Gunther talked about his win over Randy Orton at the PLE this past Saturday. He said he’d bring prestige to the World Heavyweight Championship.

Damian Priest interrupted the promo. They went back and forth until Drew McIntyre joined the mix. McIntyre mocked CM Punk before bringing his attention to his scheduled title match against Priest at Clash at the Castle. The world champion held his own against his next opponent. The opening segment was solid, but Gunther not getting to wear the crown was a major miss.

Hit – Braun Strowman dismantles The Judgment Day on WWE RAW

Braun Strowman took on JD McDonagh in singles competition. McDonagh targeted Strowman’s knee throughout the match. Finn Balor and Carlito tried to intervene but were taken out by the Monster of all Monsters. Strowman delivered a great-looking powerslam for the win.

A solid match that made Strowman look like the titan he is. McDonagh hit Strowman with a chair to the back but he no-sold it. Strowman would spend the rest of the night chasing McDonagh all across the arena.

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Miss – Creed Brothers vs. Authors of Pain on WWE RAW

Creed Brothers took on Authors of Pain in tag team action. This looked more like a squash match for Akam and Rezar. I know Triple H is trying to rebuild AOP as the monstrous duo from NXT, but they could’ve used local competitors instead of Brutus and Julius Creed as the victims.

I guess we won’t be getting a major push for the Creeds till the inevitable alliance with Chad Gable comes to fruition. Master Gable had a segment on WWE RAW as well, which we will discuss in a bit.

Hit – There’s no stopping Bron Breakker

Bron Breakker sent a man to the hospital last week on WWE RAW. He also took out Ricochet with a spear. Breakker would show up during a great match between Ricochet and Ilja Dragunov despite being suspended for the night. The former two-time NXT Champion took out Ricochet with a brutal spear before handing the same fate to Dragunov.

Breakker’s booking has been nothing short of brilliant as of late.

The second-gen Steiner has explosive power which is best showcased through such segments. Props to Ricochet for selling the spear the way he did. I think they’re setting up a three-way between Ricochet, Dragunov and Breakker. I’m all for it!

Lyra Valkyria Kairi Sane WWE RAW
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Miss – Kairi Sane vs. Lyra Valkyria

Kairi Sane squared off against Lyra Valkyria on WWE RAW this week. Lyra was heavily taped from the abdomen to sell Nia Jax’s annihilator from WWE King and Queen of the Ring. The former NXT Women’s Champion picked up the win against Kairi in under four minutes.

This match would’ve been great, undoubtedly, had they not tried to sell Lyra’s injury angle from the PLE. Both women are more than capable of tearing the house down. I hope this isn’t their last match and they get more TV time the next time they take on each other.

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Hit – A shocking conclusion to WWE RAW main event

Liv Morgan defended her Women’s World Championship against Becky Lynch in the main event of WWE RAW. While their outing in Saudi Arabia was clearly better, the rematch featured some nice twists and turns toward the ending. Dominik Mysterio showed up once again to help Becky escape the cage. His attempt backfired terribly and Liv used the opportunity to escape.

Bron Strowman tackling Dominik so he could collide with the cage and (inadvertently) hit Becky was a creative way to set up Liv’s escape. Liv kissing Dom was wild and brought a new twist to the storyline also involving Rhea Ripley. I wonder what’s next in store for Becky not that she’s lost to Liv twice.

Honorable Mentions

  • Carlito and Rey Mysterio had a nice match that reminded me of their interactions during the Ruthless Aggression. There’s no denying both men still have great chemistry with each other. I feel they should’ve at least got 15 minutes of action. Damian Priest destroying the lWO all by himself showed he meant business.
  • The entire Alpha Academy segment was well done from start to finish. We’ve got ourselves a slow burn for a full-blow Otis turn on Chad Gable. It’s only a matter of time before Master Gable finds himself a new stable in the Creed Brothers. Julius and Brutus Creed would be the right duo to help Gable win his first singles title in WWE.

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