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WWE NXT Hits And Misses (6/25/24)

Welcome to the latest edition of our WWE NXT hits and misses series.

The June 25, 2024, episode of NXT featured multiple matches and segments. A tag team turmoil match kicked off the action. NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez also wrestled ahead of her scheduled title match at Heatwave.

Here’s what went down on NXT.

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Hit – WWE NXT tag team turmoil match

New Catch Republic kicked off the night with Edris Enofé and Malik Blade. Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate went survived multiple tag teams before they were eventually beaten by Chase U. Ridge Holland once again helped Duke Hudson pick up the win. It will be Chase and Hudson against Axiom and Nathan Frazer for the tag team titles at WWE NXT Heatwave.

A really good opener between veteran tag teams and their NXT counterparts. Bate and Dunne had arguably the best exchange against LDF’s Angel and Humberto). Big Strong Boi’s delayed vertical suplex to Duke Hudson was a thing of beauty. Ridge Holland costing his former partner Dunne the match was a nice little surprise towards the end of the match.

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Miss – Wes Lee vs. Joe Coffey

Wes Lee and Joe Coffey met in singles action on NXT. The rest of Gallus repeatedly tried to interfere until Lee sent Wolfgang crashing into Mark Coffey. The former NXT North American Champion picked up the win. He gets Oba Femi for the title at NXT Heatwave.

Not the best match of the night. It looked like Joe Coffey slipped on the second rope twice. Maybe the ropes were too slippery for Coffey to maintain his balance. Wes did a great job selling Coffey’s offense. The Kardiak Kick looked brutal at the end.

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Hit – WWE NXT Heritage Cup match

Tony D’Angelo put his Heritage Cup on the line against former champion Nathan Frazer. Frazer got the first fall within. Tony picked up the win in the second. The third fall also went to the champion following a vicious spine buster.

Match of the night in my opinion. Frazer and Tony put on an excellent British Rounds match-up. This might be Tony’s best defense to date. Frazer went super sonic, catching Tony off-guard for a roll-up win in the first round. Tony’s mid-air spinebuster to Frazer was beautifully executed.

Miss – Noam Dar’s injury update

Noam Dar face-timed Oro Mensah in a segment on WWE NXT. Dar said Ethan Page’s attack gave him a nasty injury and he won’t be back for the foreseeable future. Oro cut an emotional promo wherein he promised to avenge his fellow Meta-Four stablemate.

Noam Dar is the heart and soul of Meta-Four. The group isn’t complete without him. That said, it’s great that Oro is getting the opportunity to shine in Dar’s absence. He attacked Page during the main event match on NXT.

Hit – Lola Vice shows Roxanne Perez how it’s done

Lola Vice did guest commentary for Roxanne Perez versus Karmen Petrovic. The NXT Women’s Champion picked up the win after nearly four minutes of action. After the match, Roxanne tried to hit Lola with her own backfist only for Miss Vice to caught the surprise attack and delivered a proper backfist to the champion.

Roxanne botched the backfist last week on NXT. Tonight, she learned the hard way how to deliver one. Props to the champion for the beautiful sell job because it made Lola’s backfist even more devastating. Roxanne versus Lola for the NXT Women’s Championship is set for Heatwave.

Miss – Arianna Grace vs. Sol Ruca

Arianna Grace took on Sol Ruca with the opportunity to face for the NXT Women’s North American Championship on the line. The two women went back and forth until Sol picked up the win with a Sol Snatcher out of nowhere.

A short match that was set up so Sol could emerge as the new number one contender. Arianna might have to go back in line to get her shot at the title. Sol takes on Kelani Jordan for the title at WWE NXT Heatwave.

Hit – WWE NXT main event

Trick Williams squared off against Shawn Spears in a non-title main event match-up. Both men went back-and-forth until Trick got hit with the cover of the announce table. The distraction allowed Spears to hit his finisher for the win. After the match, WWE NXT General Manager announced a fatal four-way for the title at Heatwave.

A solid main event match-up between Trick and Spears, who has one of the hardest chops in NXT. Just ask Chris Van Vliet. Trick and Spears put on a great show. The distraction by Brooks Jensen was lowkey brilliant. They are treating him like an actual outsider after Jensen himself told the world he was a free agent as of 6/21.

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