Cody Rhodes
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Who Should Cody Rhodes’ Double Or Nothing Opponent Be?

Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes at the All In Weigh In – August 31, 2018, Schaumburg, IL (Photo: Dominic DeAngelo)

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Cody Rhodes was asked last Thursday by Sporting News‘ Andreas Hale if he has an opponent lined up for himself at AEW’s Double Or Nothing. After “The American Nightmare” joked that he’d be booking himself in the main event and strapping the world title on himself, 1/4th of The Elite EVPs stated how the experience is a personal situation for him and he’s going to let it play out. “Sometimes real life is really entertaining,” Cody stated. That’s absolutely true if you are a roster member of AEW, and with Cody being one of the company’s biggest stars, you just know how us wrestling folk tend to react. Always fantasy bookin’, always speculatin’.

Now whether Cody meant that just helping to set up AEW and Double Or Nothing is a personal situation for him or his opponent could be a personal one is up for debate, but the latest episode of Being The Elite made his potential opponent certainly personal.

Let’s delve down into the rabbit hole of the latter and ask ourselves who would be some appropriate opponents to fill such a void? Obviously, Cody’s older brother Dustin would be a wonderful answer considering their feud and match was severely mishandled by WWE and there would be a heck of a lot to build upon from that. Goldust is just renaissance man personified and having him go up against his younger brother who has spent his own time redefining his career would be intriguing on several layers.

Another million dollar choice would be Ted DiBiase Jr. whose long-time exit from the profession would pack a headline punch that perfectly fits Cody’s backstory. The two former members of Legacy facing off with one another is rife with storyline potential. A returning Ted could come off as the petulant, jealous third-generation outcast who wants to make his presence re-known to show Cody he isn’t the only son of success.

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Stephen Amell, who went all out at All In against Christopher Daniels. Amell and Cody clearly share a storied history considering Rhodes’ connection with the series Arrow. Maybe you could position Amell in a heel role if the actor feels forgotten by his Elite allies and draws aim at his good bud Cody. There are plenty of stories you could tell here, but unless Barry Allen gives him a bit of help with travel, Amell is pretty much guaranteed not to be in Vegas. The Heroes and Villains Fanfest is in London the same weekend as Double Or Nothing, will Amell confirmed for a Saturday and Sunday appearance.

Speaking of good buds, maybe Cody’s pal Stu Bennett has some bad news in store for his ex-colleague, or perhaps his ex-Rhode Scholars running mate in Aron Stevens could have a few punishing pearls of wisdom to instill.

Heck, we can’t forget about Hardcore Holly either, who Cody turned on many moons ago after the duo’s tag team run. Bob’s still in extraordinary shape and with the attitude his character carries, there can be a lot of spark left in that Spark Plug.

However we see the dice roll for Cody if he happens to be healthy & ready for Double or Nothing, “The American Nightmare” has plenty of dream situations lined up.

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Who do you think Cody will face off with at Double Or Nothing?