ROH: A Better Minor League; Macho Man Died For Our Sins


Ring of Honor got sold to Sinclair Broadcast Group. Sinclair reportedly has clearance across 22 percent of the nation, including many big cities.

It’s a big move for ROH, and a challenge for its bookers. ROH must now script a product accessible beyond hardcore Internet fans. ROH likes to get its brand over, not its wrestlers. That works as a niche promotion, but not in the mainstream. TV is about STARS. ROH must develop STARS.

If ROH develops STARS, it guarantees ROH’s demise.

Anybody who gets over, WWE is going to steal. Heck, WWE and Impact did that when ROH had minimal exposure. ROH will turn into a de facto developmental program for WWE.

ROH might be able to stump up enough money to keep a few stars. But will they keep the right ones? Can they keep enough of them? How long can they keep them?

In the old ECW, Paul Heyman was BRILLIANT at making the best out of quick, constant turnover caused by defections. But it wasn’t long before he ran out of legit talent to bring in.

WWE is the big league. That’s the fans’ perception. That’s the performers’ perception. It won’t change. Wrestlers will always want to get to the big league. The best ROH can be is a better minor league.


The apocalypse was scheduled for Saturday.

"Macho Man" Randy Savage died Friday.

Saturday came and went…no apocalypse. Be grateful…and snap into a Slim Jim!

Randy would think that was funny. Once, with WCW’s entire roster on a charter plane experiencing EXTREME turbulence – a few girls were CRYING, a few guys were SHAKING – Randy broke the tension by saying, "Just think of the rating the memorial show’s gonna draw, boys – OOOH, YEAH!" That was Randy. He rarely broke character.

I worked with Randy for seven years. I can’t say I knew him well. Randy was private, more so than most of the wrestlers. He spent most of his time in his dressing room, or his hotel room. Very cooperative. Very respectful, even to a nobody like me.

But he was GREAT. A true legend. Ring work, promo ability, drawing power: Randy Savage HAD IT ALL. Savage-Ricky Steamboat at WrestleMania III in 1987 still stands as ‘Mania’s best bout EVER. Nobody ever got a better match out of Hulk Hogan. Savage even made bums like DDMe look like a million bucks.

I consider myself honored by our time spent working together. Another one gone, gone FAR TOO YOUNG. "Macho Man" Randy Savage, R.I.P.