A British Point of View: The Commentators Rapture?

Some feedback on Macho Man and my thoughts on Over The Limit’s commentary.

Firstly I wanted to share a few thoughts people sent me over the past couple of days regarding the sad passing of ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage.

Kevin.  L. Sent:
I find it ironic that I hadn’t even really thought about Macho Man in years and then last week he popped into my head and I looked him up on YouTube.  I watched that whole Jake Roberts attacking him with the cobra that I watched when it originally aired 20 years or so ago.  That promo is, in my mind, the greatest promo ever made and I still recall that incident periodically. I even talked to my boss last week about him as he is also a wrestling fan.  We are the same age and grew up watching WWF/WCW.  Anyway, I told my boss early last week that one of my all time favorites was Macho Man.  Then like a day or two later, Savage died.  My boss said "remember how we were talking about MM?  I just read he died in a car accident" and I didn’t believe him. I thought it was a joke.  I don’t know why I was thinking about him last week, but I did.  Anyway, my point of all this is I don’t know why he popped into my head last week, but I’m glad he did.  I’m glad I thought about him before he died and remembered him before something tragic happened to him.  Macho Man brought a lot of good memories to millions of people and I’m glad he will live on forever on YouTube to be enjoyed whenever one wants.
Pauline Clark Sent:
I agree that Vince McMahon should be put Macho Man Randy Savage in the WWE Hall Of Fame and I will miss the oh yeah!’
Sean Sent:
My favourite memory of Randy Savage was when he got hit in the head with a guitar by Honky Tonk Man. That was the first time ever I saw wrestling. I was young and thought it was real. I was told it wasn’t so I thought this stuff is cool.
With that being said, I’m sure WWE will put a nice video package together for tonight’s RAW.
Last night we had WWE Over The Limit (Or Under The Limit it should be called in my opinion, I don’t see anyone coming out under the influence of alcohol?? Do you?) And I could quite easily spend my time moaning about the fact that John Cena completed his usual Super Power Comeback. However, that was fairly obvious and predictable; the one area of the night which really bothered me and has done for quite some time is the commentary.
We have listened for months as Michael Cole has butchered every possible talent in the ring and been inconsistent when he all of a sudden needs to make someone look good. Then we have been topped off with commentary from Booker T who I can hardly tell a word of what is being said.
My major gripe with last night was the best match on the card in Christian and Randy Orton had Josh Mathews and Booker T commentate. I didn’t even realise that Josh was commentating because for 95% of the match we had to listen to Booker yelling down his headset like some lunatic.
I spent more time crumbling about how commentary has completely ruined wrestling recently and more specifically this match than actually watching the damn match.
Commentating was always something to draw your attention to the action and give belief and an authentic feel to your product but these days it’s being used to put over characters and is far too crowded. Gone are the days of two people sitting at ringside with the occasional colour commentator. We now have four people commentating, one being in a plastic box, the other being cut off by the one in a plastic box, one concentrating on wanting to punch the man in the plastic box and the other guy who I think is mentally inside a plastic box (I’ll let you try and figure out who is who, if you’re struggling drop me an email)
This was all entertaining when it first came around but 3 months down the line it has become old and fast. Bad matches can be made great by solid commentating and in this case great matches like last night’s efforts by Orton and Christian are being ruined by horrific commentating.
Thankfully we saw the end of the Cole and King feud last night. I would much rather see Cole either disappear now for a while to let him come back to his old ways or continue his character as some form of manager where he isn’t constantly damaging the product.
It wouldn’t be as bad but you have to put up with Cole on both shows these days and he spends 95% of the time telling us how great he is or how ridiculous the wrestlers (sorry entertainers) are. Bobby Heenan did nothing but call the good guys and praise himself but Bobby had flair and ability, something that Cole is seemingly struggling with, hopefully this is truly the end to the commentating nightmare that has taken over WWE television for the past 6 months.
Unfortunately I will not be able to make an appearance in the chatroom tomorrow night for the Voice of Wrestling but I will hope to talk to you next week.
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