Who Arn Anderson Manages, HHH’s Changes Over Vince

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Q: Name 5 WWE stars that would be good choices for Arn Anderson to manage?

Damon from Montgomery, AL

Chris Master, Drew McIntyre, Michael McGillicutty,  and Daniel Bryan (as an intense heel) are 4 on the roster right now. Of course there is always the option of someone coming up from FCW being led by AA that would be a huge educational experience for any young guy to have Anderson by their side.

Q: I am a longtime WCW fan and was wondering your thoughts on some of the PPV concepts they had like War Games and World War 3? I thought they were pretty innovative for their time

Tony from North Carolina

I think they were great on paper and innovative in concept. If you go back and watch some of them, terrible for television. World War 3 they would do triple boxes on the screen showing all 3 rings going on at the same time. The boxes were so small to fit everything on the screen, it was so tough to make out much of what is going on. 6 announcers trying to get their call in and let you know who go eliminated, just very chaotic. It really wasn’t exciting until the final guys who got put into one ring and at that point it was just a typical battle royal. My favorite part of WW3 was how some of the undercard matches would get creative and use all 3 rings and ringside areas for certain spots. As far as War Games, it was a little easier to follow on camera due to less participants, entertaining and started the evolution of those kinds of matches which has brought us Elimination Chamber and Hell In A Cell.


When Triple H finally takes over WWE after VInce steps down as chairman do you see any major changes happening with the company? I would love to see maybe the PG rating go away so the promos and matches are a little more attitude era and maybe the WWE schedule being reduced so matches are always good quality matches or more of a ROH style match. But what are your thoughts guys on what changes will happen and what you would like to see change when Vince finally lets Triple H take over the  WWE?

Alexander Fitzgerald
 from Atlanta, Georgia

I think developmental will be better than what it has been in the past 6 or 7 years. Triple H will bring and already is more of his own judgment in to signing and developing guys. He will also bring people in who are good at helping identify talent and working on making them better. Its like building a baseball team, gotta have a good minor league system. You improve developmental and you get better matches and promos cause the talent is just naturally better due to the way they are taught. In terms of the content, I would imagine that the content would be a bit more lose but I don’t think its gonna be as crazy as the late 90’s. WWE is just in a different place at a different time and have to play by some of the new rules. No chair shots to the head etc.


Q: What does it really mean when a guy says another guy is stiff? We all know the outcomes of matches are planned and that its not real so when someone says he is stiff, what does it really mean?

Sara from Omaha, Nebraska

When guys are a working a match together, they need to entertain the crowd by telling a story through physicality. You want to make it exciting where the crowd is reacting to what is going on in the ring and have it look as good and “real” as possible without seriously hurting your opponent. Its called protecting your opponent. That is why they train and go to wrestling schools to learn how to fall (referred to as bumps) and how to give bumps. When someone is stiff it means they are basically hitting harder and doing things in a more physically way than normal or traditional. Some guys are known for being stiffer especially when being a veteran and working with younger talent. Bob Holly is one guy I know has been often put in that category. Not out to permanently injure an opponent but to make sure a young guy respects the business, traditions, his opponent. Letting them know that its a serious business when in the ring and not to take it for granted.


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