What WWE Travel Is Like, Christian A Heel, Too Many PPV’s

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Q: We always here about how exhausting and busy the WWE schedule is. My question to you is exactly what is a week like in terms of scheduling for a wrestler? Is everything paid for?

-Will in Phoenix

Everything is subject to some changes depending on the performer. The wrestlers are all considered independent contractors. They are not employees of the WWE. A general outline would be if your a performer on the RAW roster, you are working Friday-Monday. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are non-televised shows that they call house shows. Monday would then RAW. If its a PPV weekend than things could change. There might only be a house show on Friday and Saturday is a travel day. If its a big event like SummerSlam or WrestleMania, no house shows as the whole weekend is used for promotional events. After RAW on Monday, some guys might have to go to Smackdown on Tuesday, others can go home. Smackdown is a Saturday-Tuesday schedule. Being that the guys are independent contractors, they have to pay for meals, rental cars and such. This is a reason why nearly all of the guys travel with each other so they can split cost and to keep each other company. Its very common to fly somewhere on Friday, get a rental car, go to do the show and then you are driving to the next towns for until you get to RAW. You do RAW and then when you go to fly out from that city, you drop the rental car off at that airport. During the week are “off” days but some guys are doing promotions like going on late night shows or whatever comes up. Again, everything is subject to variation. If you are the WWE champ than you might have some higher class amenities being taken care of for you by the company because your working for 7 straight days doing shows and promotional appearances.



Q: Hey justin,

in this past weeks episode of CSR (in part 2 i believe) you brought up the fact that the PPV’s are too close to each other and i agree. i actually liked it when both raw and smack-down had their own PPV’s during the year (raw started the wrestling year off with backlash and smack-down with judgement day if i am correct) and each of their PPVs were every other month so Raw would have A PPV one month and smack-down would have it the next… then they would keep the brand joining PPV’s (wrestlemainia)well my question is do you think they need to go back to this format for the money fans and their talent if not how would you like to see it done


thanks for responding if you do, Sheldon, from colorado springs

If the WWE goes back to individual brand PPV’s than the we will see more stories and likely more creatively rich stories. Each brand would have about 2 months to build to a PPV which would mean they have to do more within the feuds to get them to the PPV’s and there would be room for more guys to get television time to have a feud in order to fill the 3 hour PPV with enough matches/stories. The problem I have though is that its still too many PPV’s. Having a PPV every 3 to 4 weeks reduces the significance of the event. Financially the WWE depends on having the amount of PPV’s they do, even if they buy rates are what we would consider low, hundreds of thousands are still paying 40-50 dollars per PPV.



Q: Do you think that Christian should make a heel turn DURING or AFTER the PPV match at Over The Limit?

– Daniel

I think he should turn heel. While Christian has a good fan base, I think he has always been the best as a heel. What’s the worst that happens…..he doesn’t get the world title?!?



Q: Hey there, basically my question revolves around Money in the bank & it being at Wrestlemania. Personally I like the idea of it having its own PPV because it gives the June PPV a unique selling point whereas Wrestlemania is a selling point in itself. Well, what becomes of the mid card wrestler looking for a break at the big stage? My idea is that they replace it with a multi person Cage match/ scramble match and the winner becomes "Mr Wrestlemania". The Winner receives a match of his choice against anybody he chooses at any time and some kind of token trophy. My idea is also that HBK becomes the special referee for this match and cuts a promo where he basically says "Look, there will never be another HBK. There will never be another Mr Wrestlemania but its time for you kids to pick up the ball & run with it". It gives a multitude of talent to shine on the big stage & it gives HBK something to do. So my question is do you agree that something like this should happen & also what do you think the WWE should do concerning MITB?

Kel from England

I think anything different such a scramble that revolves in the winner having some reward concerning WrestleMania is good. Anything different and fresh is needed. Rewards that involve WrestleMania are always a plus because WrestleMania is still WrestleMania. As far as the HBK idea, would surely be popular by fans as they love to see him. It will probably remain a mental image for you to fantasize about because I don’t see it happening because HBK it seems is quite happy with life away from wrestling. I agree with you that MITB is good for its own PPV because WrestleMania is its own selling point.


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