WWE Bringing Back Lightweight Belt, 2 Kane’s, Del Rio Champ

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Q: Do you think that WWE will join the IC and U.S. belts to Monday night and bring back the cruiser/light heavy weights belt to Smackdown to set fridays nights apart??????????????

-Darrin from PA

I think that move would be popular among a lot of fans. I don’t see it happening while Vince McMahon is in control of things. Perhaps when HHH is running all aspects of the on-air product we would see a Cruiserweight title. Right now, it doesn’t really work. There are guys such as Sin Cara, Evan Bourne, Justin Gabriel, but overall take a look at the roster. Take a look in Tampa at the developmental talent. All guys that are 6 foot or taller, 200 pounds plus. The high flying smaller guy are entertaining in the ring. They can sell a story from bell to bell but the problem is, the WWE seems more interested in selling stories in every other place but the ring.

Q: Cody Rhodes is someone whose gimmick has been working out very well for him as he has made the transition from "Dashing" to "Undashing" without a hitch over the last few months, but we also have to look at the fact that his "Undashing" gimmick can only work for so long before it becomes stale which is the one drawback to this. Do you think Cody Rhodes’s recent momentum is going to fade due to the short lifespan of his "Undashing" gimmick? There is only so many times you can feud with someone because they don’t have a "disfigured" face


Sam White
 from Leeds, England

The current “Undashing” gimmick as you call it can go on for a while. It doesn’t have to be feuds based on not having a disfigured face. Cody can remain a character who was once “beautiful” in his eyes but now feels he is ugly and has aggression to take out on everyone. He can continue to feud with people simply because he hates society and everyone else. Similar to the Mankind character in 1996. Its a mental/psycho element that provides a great heel if acted right. He is playing the character well so far. The great thing is, if and when they do decided for him to be a face, which hopefully is years down the road, he can go back to feeling “beautiful” and “dashing” and be a cocky confident face.

Q: Hey Justin. My name is Michael Smith and I am from Blue Springs, MO. I love the show and watch it every weekend. Do you think Alberto Del Rio will have a title run before the end of the year? Considering Del Rio is on Raw and Cena has the title and the WWE is seemingly building up his match with the Rock at WM 28 to be a title match.

It seems Del Rio will fighting for the title against Cena come SummerSlam. While I don’t know if he will walk out of the Staples Center with the title, I do think that by or at next years WrestleMania he will have or had the title at least once.

There is and always will be a huge debate in our household about Kane. When he first came to WWE he was a little taller than the Undertaker and his walk and characteristics were different, the newest one is now shorter. The newer Kane has to get on his toes a little to grab the top rope to get in the ring. I watched an old dvd of the 1st Kane and all he did was reach his arm up effortlessly. The body language, the shoulders, the torso, IT’S JUST DIFFERENT!!! I’ve been a fan of wrestling for years and I notice a lot of little things, even mistakes. But u can’t fool me!!! There is a difference!!! There are TWO Kanes. Please tell me what you think. My mind will never be changed.

-Quinn from Texas

I can 101% assure you that Kane has been played by the same person since his October 1997 debut in St. Louis, which ironically is where Glenn Jacobs was a school teacher. He did appear taller and that had to do with the attire he wore not showing hardly any skin and being almost all red. The constant solid one color on a tall body like that plus his boots at the time had some extra inches beneath them to elevate his 6 foot 9 height to be closer to 7 foot as he would stare down The Undertaker. I did see “Kane” without his mask in the 90’s and it was Glenn Jacobs, the same person who plays Kane today. Jacobs just had a beard and long hair while wearing the mask. As for characteristics and the way he moved, when he first came in the Kane character didn’t speak and was suppose to be very robotic and dominate. Over the years as the character has gone through evolutions, most notably not having the mask, he can be more “normal” and fluid with his motions.

If you still don’t believe me…..well then how about this….the first Kane is retired and playing poker with the second Ultimate Warrior.