Internet Fans Seriously Need To See The Bigger Picture

Apologies if this column doesn’t live up to my usual standard. This is a rant per se rather than my usual efforts. I’m probably not going to earn many friends with his one – don’t bite the hand that feeds, and all that. But this needs to be said.

Internet fans, smart fans – call them whatever you want, seriously need to learn to see the bigger picture. I’m talking about Christian losing his World Heavyweight Title on Smackdown to Randy Orton.

Am I a Christian fan, yes – was I disappointed to see Christian lose the title so soon after winning it – yes. But the move does make sense. Orton is the number one guy on Smackdown. End of story. People can be disappointed that they made the move (particularly so soon) but to call the move stupid and ridiculous is quite frankly… well… stupid and ridiculous.

Can somebody sit here and tell me what is wrong in giving the number one guy on the brand the title? A lot of fans need to realise that there is more to the WWE than the small pocket of internet fans, and that what’s best for them, isn’t always (and quite often isn’t at all) right for the company.

As a ‘Peep’ I was delighted to see Christian win the belt. It was a great moment for him and one that in my eyes he’s probably waited too long (although we all know that Vince doesn’t like to endorse people who come from other companies – see Invasion storyline). And yes, I was shocked when I read the news. But that was it, in the cold light of day I can see full sense in the decision. Orton is the number one guy, and although perhaps (fantasy booking style) I would have probably taken a little longer getting there, this would’ve been a move I’d have made sooner rather than later.

This is a great example of a bigger problem with internet fans (I don’t like to group them, because there will always people going ‘I don’t like Christian’ etc… just going with the majority) – they don’t see the bigger picture. I listened to the relaunch of VOW live on Monday (cheap plug – and I’m not even on the show!). I listened to Kevin Kelly say that having the WWE announce that Seth Rollins (Tyler Black from ROH) was drafted to Raw or Smackdown would’ve been a great surprise? Do me a favour – you’re seriously trying to tell me that a great way to create ratings would be to throw a guy out there with a generic name and solid look? Or was that a back-handed, blind-faith attempt in hopes that they’d do it so more people would find out about ROH?

A lot of online fans are so clueless when it comes to the bigger picture. I know a lot of people will email me and say – ‘but am I not entitled to my own opinion?’. Of course you are, it wasn’t something I would’ve done this soon given the choice either. But there’s a difference between having an opinion and send harsh tweets to Randy Orton (since when was it his fault anyway?) – and having an opinion but acknowledging that Orton holding the title was the smarter decision in the bigger picture of the company.

I watched Chair Shot Reality last weekend (I’m a plugging machine for WrestleZone, even if I am kind of slagging them off). I heard Justin Labar say that WWE should acknowledge second generation superstars heritage and stop giving them fake names (although some of their renames are terrible!). First off, WWE is constantly referring to people’s heritage. Even McGillicutty and Husky Harris were acknowledged as second/third generation stars. And The Rock – yes there was a lot of reference to his heritage. But his heritage never made him The Great One in the nineties – The Rock was the great one because he was… well… so great. Again, it’s a bigger picture problem – the vast majority don’t care. The people who are the bulk of the audience simply don’t care about the history. And for those who do – well I think an appropriate level of references are given to that percentage of people.

As for the naming rights, there is a damn good reason. There is a reason why WWE and CM Punk are clashing heads over the ownership of his name – because it’s a big deal. If CM Punk quit tomorrow – and signed for TNA 90 days later – the very fact that he would be called “CM Punk” would make a massive difference than if he wasn’t. There are smart people at the top of the WWE, who are making smart decisions because they can see the bigger picture, at times, some Internet Fans simply can’t.

One more example (sorry if this isn’t my usual standard of column – it is more of a rant to be honest). John Cena as WWE Champion. (In my opinion) does the idea of  John Cena being champion for the year excite me, not particularly. But I can understand why – he is the number one draw, the reason fans turn up in their droves. Smart fans might say that kids only make up a smallish percentage of WWE viewers – and they might be right in that sense. But the kids drive the money – that big percentage of adult fans aren’t spending money on the whole. The kids are buying the T-shirts, the kids are begging their parents to go to Raw when it’s next in their home-town, the kids are begging their parents to buy Extreme Rules because they want to see Cena be a ten time world champion. Whine all you want internet fans, but on the whole – the WWE doesn’t really care about you. Most of you aren’t buying the PPV’s, most of you aren’t buying the merchandise. And that’s why Cena is champ – because the part of the market that makes WWE the moneh!!! (It’s all about the moneh!!!) is kids.

And to wrap up Cena and Christian. Firstly on Cena – the idea of him holding onto the belt for a year up until Cena Rock is actually a good one. If the WWE threw in the caveat that if he lost he wouldn’t get a rematch – that would be a great storyline. And for Christian – how does anyone reading this not know that Christian won’t fill that vacant number one heel spot on Smackdown? But even if  this is it – there was a large period of time when I never thought Christian would hold the World Title – but he has. I can disagree with it, but unlike a lot of people – I can see the reasoning behind it and accept it.

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