Zack Ryder/Charlie Sheen Effect, Birthday Time Limits

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Congrats to her for making her first two live on camera WWE appearances. Sunday night, music hit and there wasn’t much reaction cause nobody had heard the music or seen her in person for WWE yet. One night later on RAW, when her music hit the crowd made some noise.

The walk, the facial expressions and most importantly the crowd reaction were all good. For the Divas segments in the show you get the quick pop for looks when they walk out of the curtain but obviously Kharma isn’t selling looks. For that, her pop is all the more impressive. All things considered, I am excited to watch the next Divas match on RAW cause I know I will see Kharma and that is exactly what the WWE wants.


So it was the biggest birthday celebration ever on television. Well, it definitely was the most time spent on a program for a birthday celebration that didn’t have the words “Happy” or “Birthday” in the title of the program.

The Rock is a big deal in both the WWE arena and the Hollywood arena. He has made his mark in both. The celebrity taped birthday wishes was nice, the memory lane video packages are cool and of course The Rock verbiage is always entertaining. The amount of time it took in the 135 minute program is a bit ridiculous.

When you watch Chair Shot Reality this week I will break down minute by minute how much in-ring action, in-ring talking, backstage pre-tape and all of the other miscellaneous  we saw. Its amazing. Not surprising because I had an over/under with a WWE plugged in friend on how much in-ring action we would see. We were both damn close on our minutes and its sad. Oh and by the way, happy belated birthday Rock.


Zack Ryder is having the Charlie Sheen effect for all of the non-life threatening ways.

His language is catching on. Sheen had WINNING while Ryder has Broski & WWWYKI (That’s Woo Woo Woo You Know It for those who really didn’t get that).

Sheen had the “fans with tigers blood” while Ryder has the “Zack Pack with spiked hair.”

Sheen has the goddesses and Ryder has Scott Stanford.

Sheen is avoided by major networks and Ryder is avoided by the WWE.

Its an interesting situation. Ryder, 101% to his credit, has built a gimmick and following in the underground fashion. His YouTube videos are doing 100,000 views in a matter of days and the signs appear to increase at WWE shows. It was heavily talked about online how a sign that promoted how good Ryder is was taken away by the WWE.

Being an online sensation doesn’t make you a star in WWE. However, if you are entertaining enough to build that kind of a following on your own and you just happen to already be on the WWE roster, at least let them have some television time on RAW on SmackDown. What’s the worst that happens. He walks out the curtain and gets no reaction…..that never happens!

Its some what worrisome that Ryder doesn’t even get put in the Supplemental Draft or as a lumberjack during the tag match at Extreme Rules. I hope for the best but fear the worst. So while were trying to get Sheen back on “Two and a half men” we need to also get Ryder off of Superstars and on one of the main shows. I’d love to have Ryder make a cameo on Chair Shot Reality. Both shows are in the same ballpark of views and would certainly share audience members. That would be the only positive possibility of him not being with the WWE, is that freedom. If the WWE ignores him for too long who knows to what level he could take the videos too. We don’t want the next “Z True Long Island Story” to feature Ryder doing blow off of Stanford.

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