2011 WWE Draft – Exclusive In-Depth Analysis, Pt. 2

More potential trades including Randy Orton, Sheamus and CM Punk>>>

Randy Orton to Smackdown

Could Randy Orton go blue this Monday?

Cash: So far, I haven’t really bought into some of the rumored "big star" trades.  We know there’s going to be a couple of those, at least.  Randy Orton is my number one guy from Raw who I think has the best chance to go to Fridays.  Christian is over there to help make up for the loss of Edge, but I just don’t see him being near enough.  Not yet, anyway. 

If Del Rio stays on Smackdown like I assume he will, he’s going to need a viable challenger for SummerSlam.  I see an Orton/Del Rio matchup more for WWE’s next big pay per view more than I see the Cena option.  Orton has been a Raw guy forever; let him go to Smackdown as the top babyface.  Not to mention, he’s been the best guy lately in putting over young talent.  He can do that better if he’s back in the spotlight on top of the Friday show, rather than being overshadowed by Cena, Rock, and the Miz.

LaBar: For me Orton is the big star that goes to Smackdown. There is nothing left for him to do on RAW. I think Orton going to Smackdown would provide a lot of fresh opportunities and feuds. The best part of it is, he can play the face he has over the past year but if they begin to develop other guys as top face stars such as Sin Cara, possibly Big Zeke, than Orton can always go back to what he is best at and enjoys, being the bastard heel.

Paglino: I have to assume WWE is in somewhat of a panic mode due to Edge’s sudden retirement, and the draft coming as quickly as it has definitey feels like a knee-jerk reaction to something, which again is likely Edge’s retirement. So it’s for that reason that I think a top baby face will leave Raw and head to Smackdown.

As I said before, Cena is WWE’s top guy, so it feels only right that Orton would be the one to jump ship to Smackdown. And if you look at his program on Raw right now, following his match against Punk at Extreme Rules, what more can Orton do with him/Nexus that he hasn’t already done? The time feels right for Orton to head over to Smackdown.

Will Sheamus be another top heel moving to Smackdown?