2011 WWE Draft – Exclusive, In-Depth Analysis, Pt. 1

The 2011 WWE Draft is live tonight and the typical guessing game has begun.  Analysts and wrestling fans alike are speculating as to what major stars will change shows, what mid-carders could get a boost from a trade and just how much "shaking things up" Vince McMahon plans to do this year.  Time will tell and it’s almost time, but WrestleZone.com has decided to get in on the action.

Chris Cash, Nick Paglino and Justin LaBar go back and forth on certain superstars leaving their respective brand for the other.  The WZ trio will discuss the likelihood of specific individuals being drafted and why they think it would help/hurt those individuals should they wind up on a different show following Monday’s draft. 

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Without further delay, scroll through the pages below for WZ’s look at the 2011 WWE Draft. 

On page 2, will the two Heavyweight Champions change shows?